Limited Bass Management on Denon DVM-4800 DVD-A

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    While attending CEDIA last week, I went to the Denon booth and listened to brief excerpts of DVD-Audio. They now have a button on the front panel that says, Bass Enhancer. The speaker was not sure how many settings there were. Toshi, the Denon tech present, said there were 4 settings in all. We heard it with and without the enhancement, and the difference was clear. I think this will make a clear argument for better bass management in all DVD-Audio.
    I should have one of these in my house tomorrow, so I will have more to say on this player's video and audio performance. The return to the Genesis chipset is an interesting one...I was told it was a chip availability problem [​IMG].
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    Thanks Michael,
    I look forward to your findings. I have the 2800 right now and enjoy the performance very much...but the 4800 with DVD-A and bass management looks very intriguing as a second piece.
    I love the sound of the DCM-370 with the Burr Brown DACs, so this unit should suffice in the audio listening arena as well as DVD playback.
    Keep us posted

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