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Like Car Audio? Stuff for sale... (1 Viewer)


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Jun 2, 2003
I am selling my car audio system to build a Home Theater. I am very reputable, and will sell through insured auctions over eBay if prefered. Pictures can be e-mailed about anything listed. Serious offers please if picture is requested.

Stuff for sale:

Adire Audio Brahma 15 inch:
It is in working condition. 1 minor (major) problem - a tinsel lead has snapped, so only 1 voice coil is working now. It has not damaged the sub in any way, except output is 3 dB lower. Easy fix, if you buy this sub and want a new tinsel lead, tell me and I'll get it fixed. It is free, under warranty, but it costs about $40 or so to ship it off, but other than that, the brahma is in PERFECT condition. Best score: 149.2 dB
Asking $280 (~350 to ship and fix)

Alpine CDA-7876:
Great premium headunit. I think it is the only Alpine unit that does not come with an internal amp, so that means you need an external amp to pwer your speakers. No need to pay for an amp in the HU if you already got one to power your speakers. Lots of features, bells, and whistles, 2001 model. Like New condition.
Asking $250

AudioControl Epic-150 and THREE.1
Epic-150 is an epicenter and SPL/Voltage meter for 1/2-DIN in dash use.
THREE.1 is a 3-band eq with a sub control plus sweep and gain, and a master volume control. 1/2 din. Epic-150 and THREE.1 fit nicely into a 1-din size (normal headunit size). Like New condition.
Asking $150 each

Cadence A7+HC AMP:
ROCK SOLID AMP! Never had any problems. Puts out a true (maybe even more) 1,400 watts RMS at 1 ohm (yes, 1 ohm stable). Great amp, everyone knows it.
Perfect condition.
Asking $380

JL 300/4 amp
Everyone knows this amp - 75 watts RMS x 4 channels. JL quality. Slight minor cosmetic damage, pictures at hand.
Asking $230

JL 8w3-D2
Perfect condition. Dual 2-ohm models. I hit 136 dB with them on a JL 250/1 amp in sealed .375 cuft boxes. They CAN slam.
Asking $80 each

Any questions, e-mail me at [email protected]

Wondering what HT system I am getting?
B&W DM602-S3 x 4
B&W LC600-S3
SVS PB2+ Subwoofer
Denon Reciever (undecided)


Senior HTF Member
May 7, 1999
"Stuff for sale:" Did you not see the big area that says "for sale"??

You may get more action posting in the right spot.



Stunt Coordinator
Jun 2, 2003
I read the rules for this forum, and it said Note: This area is for the sale of Home Theater related items only. So I tought it would be better off in the off-topic section.

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