Lightning Strike "Upgrades" Done...Quick Question

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Rives Elmore, Jul 27, 2004.

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    I posted a thread about 3 months ago where my home had been hit by lightning, and most of my electronic equipment had been destroyed by the electrical surge. Luckily my PC was spared (not sure how). The homeowners insurance process was a lengthy one, but we came out much better in the end I think

    OLD :

    TV : Toshiba 50A50
    AVR : JVC 5.1 DD / DTS Receiver (HTIB from 2000 I believe)
    Speakers : Fluance 5.1 Set
    SUB : Old 8" JVC Sub (Came with HTIB set)

    NEW :
    TV: Hitachi 51S500
    AVR : Harmon Kardon AVR230
    Speakers : Polk RTI 8's (L and R) CSI5 (Center), moved the 2 good Fluance floorstanders to rear for the time being
    Sub : HSU STF-2

    Now to my question : I have always read that 85db is reference (or thereabouts). I bought an SPL meter from Radio Shack to calibrate the new system using test tones (friend has my AVIA disc). I was also curious what levels we actually were watching most movies at. Turns out we were watching a bit too loud (90+) on most films. OK, now to the question :

    The 85 db's that is mentioned as reference level viewing, is that for PEAKS or for "lulls" in the film (like the normal viewing level of speaking / non action parts)? ROTK during non action parts was around 82, but action bumped it up quite a bit (some parts nearing 95+ from the sub).

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    85dB is the reference level when setting up using the Avia disk, most others state to use 75dB. Have you tried setting up using EZset and seeing what level that uses? As long as all speakers have an equal SPL at the "sweet spot" everything should be OK.

    Then adjust the volume to whatever you find to be a comfortable listening level.

  3. Eddie Horton

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    Calibrated with Avia, you will get 85dB during normal speaking/non-action parts with peaks to 105dB and peaks in the LFE to 115dB. That's what I have been told, anyway.

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