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    May 15, 2001
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    Recently I moved into house that my wife is renting from her place of employement. Immediatley I started building a dedicated hometheater in the basement. I have to build every thing with the ablility of easy removing when ever we move out of the house. It has taken me a while to come up ideas for non permenant solutions, but thanks to research everythings seems to be going fine.Except, for the scounces. I would like use scounces for accent lighting but I am not sure on how to go about it. I have thought about wiring them up as lamps, I am not sure if it's a good Idea or not. I seen people do this on a few times on diy shows on the dss but it was always in the background and never really elaborated on. So I am not sure if they were sold like that or if the were made diyers. I would really appreciate it if someone out there could help me with this Idea. also I would like to know if anyone had any Ideas on how to go about creating ones own scounce lens, as opposed to spend a lot of money on pre made ones from hometheate sites. thanks alot for the help.
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    I am also in a rental home. What I did was mount the scones as normal but I ran the wire down the wall attached a plug then used a voice command light switch/dimmer that controls two lamps. This allows me to turn them on/off and two levels of dim all from the couch. The light controller I found at Wal-Mart for 19.99 it is called the Light Commamder.

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