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Light Control ??!! (1 Viewer)

Mark Amayao

Stunt Coordinator
Dec 13, 2001
As the title says ... I think im pretty ingenuitive and good with my hands. And I will have an example of it in my upcoming DIY screen project. As creative as I think I am ...
This site is a priceless resevoir of information and ideas ... :D

OK ..... I have a window that is about 4 1/2' x 4 1/2' with blinds installed. The window is in my 24 x 20 bedroom theater and i love the way love seeps into my room at sunrise and sunset.

Ive come up with a couple ideas when it comes to light control, (DIY roll down blinds,drapes,blackout cloth backed soji-blinds) but dont want to use drapes as I want the room to be as open as possible and I want daylight to permeate the room. And I dont want it to be a chore to setup whenever i want to watch a movie. i was thinking a velcro roll down screen of some sort (0 tolerance for light during movies) cream fabric on the front side black on the opposite side.

if i can find some white velcro to camouflage with the molding.

Any ideas though? Thanks a lot and all input is greatly apprecated

Mark Amayao

Stunt Coordinator
Dec 13, 2001
HMM ... i meant " I ove the way LIGHT seeps into my room ..." :b

And Im not sure if this thread should stay or be in the DIY Forum or in both?

again all input appreciated :D


Second Unit
Mar 3, 2003
Sounds like your plan is fine (two-sided fabric), although making a custom-made retractable blind might be tough. There are all sorts of commercial blinds available. Take a look at the different styles. A pleated shade or a balloon shade might work fine. You could easily make a balloon shade with the two-sided fabric (aka "lined"). Why don't you go to a blinds/drapes store and get some ideas??

Also, if the balloon shade doesn't hide the light entirely, the velcro idea might help. You can get Velcro in many colors and styles (other than just the tape). Here's a color card: http://www.velcro.com/FAQS/color.html

You can find the whole variety at any fabrics and most crafts stores. Chain stores, like K-Mart and Wal Mart likely carry the standard colors.

(And, yes, my mom taught all of her sons how to sew.) :D

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