Licensing - what does it mean?

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Lynda-Marie, Mar 2, 2005.

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    I have noticed a lot of angry postings over favorite movies/TV shows that are either cut, meaning that a song or scene is missing/edited out or will be a long time in coming, if at all, due to licensing rights.

    Rather than add fuel to the fire with my own angry commentary, I wonder if someone with more knowledge/experience in licensing would mind shedding some light on this subject.

    It is one thing to deliberately postpone a desired product onto DVD, and quite another, I am sure, to have to postpone something due to legal hangups.

    Maybe this will make the wait easier if we can understand something of what seems to be a complicated process.
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    In this context, it just means that if you want to use a song, you have to pay the copyright holder for a licence to use it. "Licence" means you get limited rights to use the song, but the original copyright holder still owns it.

    What happens with TV shows is that the original licencing agreements gave the producers the right to use the song for the network broadcast, and in some cases, syndication. But nobody was licencing songs for home video, because until recently there was almost no market for TV shows on home video. Which means that when it comes to releasing these shows on DVD, the producers don't have the right to use the songs in the DVD format, and they have to negotiate new licencing agreements with the copyright holders in the songs.

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