LG Smart TV finally coming of age?

Discussion in 'Streaming and Digital Media' started by Kevin Collins, Aug 15, 2013.

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    I've always wondered if the streaming features on Smart TV would start to sync with something that was over cable/satellite. CBS's Showtime is trying a new approach specifically with LG's Smart TV's using their streaming services. It seems that limiting this to just one manufacturer would hinder adoption, but keep reading.

    CBS Showtime is the first programmer to use LG’s LivePlus technology, available on the manufacturer’s 2012 and 2013 Internet-connected TV models, to deliver on-screen trivia, polls and social features for original series including “Dexter” and “Ray Donovan.”

    The experience is supposedly superior on LG’s TVs compared to the Sync app for iPad, because the interactive features pop up in the program itself without any separate download or device required,

    It's unclear how many LG sets would have this feature. The pop up feature is reminiscent of the ground breaking interactivity that Microsoft did for HD-DVD called iHD. This had pop up video inside the main video, something that Blu-ray didn't have at the time. As the studios figured out, most people just want to watch the movie without stuff cluttering up the screen. So, I am curious how many people that have the set will actually use the feature. Keep in mind that the opt-in rate for connected TV interactivity — on the “first screen” — averages more than 10%, versus low single-digits for second-screen apps

    Showtime believes the business case for ITV is to keep fans engaged in the programming so they watch longer — and, ideally, to keep paying for the service.

    How does this work? LG’s LivePlus recognizes a Showtime original series episode as SHO Sync-enabled using a video-based fingerprint-matching technique. At that point, a prompt lets a viewer play along with the ep using the LG remote, and also share synchronized content to Twitter and Facebook. The LivePlus technology works across live, DVR, DVD and video-on-demand formats.
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    I remember when CBS tried "plussing" the BD-Live social features on the first couple volumes of Star Trek:TOS on Blu-ray.
    Sort of lingered in obscurity like most of the first year of BD-Live, but the trivia (which paused the disk while you answered) and downloadable featurettes were good. Don't know how they'd do that on broadcast-streaming, though.

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