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LG HE90PAW's Help -- Was Messing Around with the Video Setings -- Is There A Factory (1 Viewer)


Sep 2, 2008
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I picked up the LG 47LG70, and freakin love this TV. I also picked up the deal for the HE90PAW's that came with the TV, since it's a decent system that will get me through this year. Any how, I was messing around the set-up on the HE90PAW for the video output. I put the output to 1080p, which the TV supports and have an HDMI cable running from the video out from from the receiver too the TV, and now whenever I try to load up a DVD, there is no image. Things I have tried so far:

- Unplug the HE90PAW for an hour to do a reset. This didn't work. Reason I did this was due to what the people at the LG Tech Support said to do.

- Tried using basic RCA cables, from the receiver to the TV, to change the setting back to auto. This didn't work because in the set-up, I didn't have a choice of picking Auto. It was only 480p and 480i

- Tried the samething with compontent cables, but there was no image at all on the TV

- Read the owner's manual

Does anyone know what else there is to do, or have any other ideas? Cause I'm running out of ideas.

Edit: Did some more messing around. This is the situation now.

- I have no audio or picture when I run my PS3 into the HDMI in. I used too.

- I have DVD audio, but no picture.

- My TV isn't even picking up the HDMI input from the receiver, though it does when I plug my ps3 directly into the TV..

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