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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Dick Boneske, Mar 26, 2005.

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    I saw an LG DVR that the salesman said is capable of over-the-air HD reception (not Direct TV) and output via Firewire to record HD on the DVHS decks like JVC and Mitsubishi. It can store up to 12 hours of HD programming and you have the option to outpup what you want to the Firewire port.

    Does anyone have experience with or knowledge of this unit?
    I don't think it can resolve the Direct TV issue of outputting via Firewire for recording--but maybe it can if you could output from your Direct TV receiver to the LG unit via Component Video.
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    I've seen it mentioned a few times over at AVS. You are stuck at 12 hours. No way to upgrade like the HR10-250 (aka HD DirecTivo). Also, it can't playback and record at the same time. HR10-250 can record two HD channels while playing back an HD channel. Finally, the guide is basic. If your local stations don't send the info out in their TV stream, then you don't get any information at all. If they do, it's still not name based recording like Tivo.

    There is no MPEG encoder in this box. It records the digital stream. Component video connections are analog. There are a few PC based cards that will convert analog HD over component back into its digital form. They start at $10,000.


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