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LG BP-550 - Internet Connection Pop-Up Message won't go away. (2 Viewers)

Darren Gross

Supporting Actor
May 16, 2001
Hi. I've had the LG BP-550 for a little while now and until recently, I've never had a reason to ever set up the internet connection on it. I needed to, in order to watch youtube videos to fix a sync issue, which I've taken care of. Now, I don't use this as a streaming player, and am not signed in to any apps on it. Since connecting to the internet weeks ago, the player is constantly interrupting whatever disc I'm watching with a large pop-up message saying that the internet connection has failed and it gives you two options, go to SETTINGS or HOME. The entire time this is going on, the movie being played keeps rolling on invisible, but not inaudible in the background. You can't pause it or anything unless you go to HOME, then you can hit stop, so you can futz around with the connection. Once that's sorted, you then need to reload the disc menu, and scan through the disc to find where you left off which is a huge pain in the tuchus.

I've explored every option on the player and there's no obvious solution, to turn off the internet or notifications, etc. Any suggestions or folks with a similar issue?

BTW it's a multi-region player, and I don't recall a factory reset button, but I'd be concerned it would wipe out the multi-region capability.


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