LG Blu-Ray BH 4120S and LG 42PJ550 Plasma TV PROBLEM..

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by harleytech51, Nov 4, 2012.

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    Hi everyone....I have an LG Plasma screen TV model 42PJ550 and just addes an LG Blu-Ray home theater system model BH 4120S..Its comnnected to the TV via an HDMI cable into the HDMI2 socket on the rear of the TV..(Theres is also an HDMI1 socket on the side of the TV).
    Ok, everything works fine, great sound, picture etc BUT I cant seem to get the sound system to work when watching normal TV programmes..I had hoped that i would be able to ust the sound systems speakers and sub when watching ordinary TV...???
    Can anyone tell me if this is possible and if so what, in simple terms please do i need to do to enable this?? OR is this not possible to use the system in this way>>
    Hope someone can put me out of my misery asap...Many thanks..Steve
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    You seemed to have hit a double whammy. You need to get a signal from the TV to the receiver. In your case the receiver is the 4120. However your receiver only allows a stereo connection, that's not ideal since you wouldn't be able to process true surround sound. However, even worse is that the TV has no audio outputs at all.
    Limited connections is one of the main problems with HTIBs. Not having any TV audio output is a new low in my experience.
    If you can, my recommendation is to return them both (LG is not considered a strong home theater brand). If that's an option let us know (and let us know your region) and we can suggest better alternatives.
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    I checked the owner's manuals for your tv and HT at LG's UK site. Your set should, according to the manual, have a digital optical audio output (should be on the back panel just above the PC input) but your HT system only has the one left and right analog audio input. You could get a digital to analog converter device which would convert the digital signal from your set's optical audio output to stereo left/right analog audio. Try going to Amazon UK and searching under "digital to analog audio converters". These cost as little as $20 here in the US. With one of these you would connect a digital optical audio cable from the output on the tv to the corresponding input on the converter, then left and right analog cables from the converter to the auxiliary input on your Home Theater.
    If it's possible to return the LG home theater at this point you could do so and purchase another that does have an auxiliary digital optical input--this capability is fairly common on HTIB systems even at lower price points. Don't be under the impression that your tv and HT have to be the same brand--a Sony or Panasonic will work just as well. I'm not to fond of Samsung but not because of compatibility issues.
    Just a hint--we have members from all over the world here (something I really like) but the majority are in the US/Canada. As you know there are market-specific technical differences in home theater products so when asking technical questions it's helpful if we know where you're located. Maybe add something onto your signature line to let us know you're in the UK, especially since "harleytech51" sounds kinda American:D
    Welcome and here's hoping you enjoy your visits here!!!

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