Lexicon Owners and Gurus- Can you help me sort 'em out?

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    Hi All,
    Can you walk me through the features and major differences in the Lexicon lineup (excluding the MC12&LX7)?
    I get a bit confused when I try and sort it all out between the DC1-DC2, MC1, and the various software versions for each of them. I tried to figure it out on Lexicons site but ended up doing an awful lot of jumping around and still couldn't quite get it sorted.
    Not looking to be convinced, I have heard both an DC1 and a MC1 in good setups and I'm already convinced! [​IMG] Just trying to make sense of the different versions and such so that when I take the plunge someday I will be informed.
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    Hi Luke,

    More detailed comparisons below, but some overall points to consider:

    - When buying a DC-1 or DC-2, do not consider anything below an AC-3 model (or DTS if you want it) - upgrading from base or THX model is very expensive. Not a factor in MC-1 as it only comes in one config.

    - For software versions, V3 should be your minimum to get most of the improvements (V4 added Surround EX and a few minor tweaks).

    - Any MC-1 and DC-2 that have not been previously traded in towards an MC-12 are eligible for trade-in towards the new MC-8 (but unless the unit is new the only way to know for sure is to check the serial number iwith Lexicon--most used ones on the market were trade-ins).

    - If you can live within the fewer inputs and don't need boradcast quality video switching, the DC-2 has an identical audio section to the MC-1 (despite the differences in specs).

    - Though the MC-1's "expansion ports" were never used as intended for digital SACD/DVD-A connection, the front left-right inputs can still be used for the purest quality 2-channel digital connection, as they bypass all internal processing and go straight to the volume control (if that matters to you).

    Okay, here are some detailed comparisons:

    Frequently asked questions and answers

    What are the differences between the DC.1 and DC-2?

    1.The DC-2 has 8 digital audio inputs (5-Coax: and 3-Optical), while the DC-1 has 4 (2-Coax and 2-Optical).

    2.The DC-2 has 5 S-video inputs with improved switching quality, while the DC-1 has 3 S-video inputs.

    3.The DC-2 has an RS-232 port for unofficially supported use with bi-directional control systems, while the DC-1 does not.

    4.The DC-2 has (8) 24-bit D/A and (2) 24-bit A/D converters, while the DC-1 has either 20 or 24-bit D/A converters and 16 or 20-bit A/D converters (DC-1 S/N 7289 and higher).

    5.The DC-2 has a minimum Signal-to-Noise ratio and Dynamic Range of 100dB, while the DC-1 has a minimum Signal-to-Noise ratio and Dynamic Range of 90dB.

    6.The DC-2 has bare-wire trigger terminals in parallel with a PWR CTL DIN connector, while the DC-1 has a PWR CTL DIN connector.

    7.The DC-2 has the provision for a future back panel upgrade that would add a S/PDIF digital audio output, 3 digital audio expansion inputs, and a second RS-232 port for future enhancements, while the DC-1 does not.

    8.The DC-2 has a new back-lit remote control with direct access to effects and improved Rec/Zone-2 controls, while the DC-1 does not.

    9.The DC-2 has new software including enhancements to several film and music effects, new crossover point, improved low frequency management, and the ability to create H virtual" rear speakers.*

    10. The DC-2 has the THX "Ultra'! badge. The DC-1 (Except the Base version) meets the same rigorous standards, but do not have the new THX "Ultra" badge.* *Included as part of the Version 3 upgrade for the DC-1.

    11. The DC-2 has a 3-year transferable parts and labor warranty, while the DC-1 has a 1 -year transferable parts and labor warranty.

    12. The DC-2 is available in 3 versions (DC-2/THX $2495, DC-2/AC-3 $3495, and DC-2/dts $3995), while the DC-1 was available in 4 versions (DC-1 /Base $1995, DC-1 /THX $2995, DC-1 /AC-3 $4500, and DC-2/dts $4995).

    What are the differences between the DC-2 and MC-1 ?
    1 .The MC-1 has a new industrial chassis design with a blue vacuum fluorescent front panel display, while the DC-2 utilizes the DC-1 chassis design with a back-lit LCD front panel display.

    2.The MC-1 has 8 video inputs (S and composite) with broadcast quality switching, while the DC-2 has 5 video inputs.

    3.The MC-1 has a digital audio output, 3 digital audio expansion inputs, and a second RS-232 port for future enhancements while the DC-2 has the provision to add these. connectors.

    4.The MC-1 has (2) audio/video record outputs, while the DC-2 has 1.

    5.The MC-1 has a minimum Signal-to-Noise ratio and Dynamic Range of 105dB (11 OdB typical), while the DC-2 has a minimum Signal-to-Noise ratio and Dynamic Range of 100dB.

    6.The MC-1 is available in 1 version ($5995), while the DC-2 is available in 3 versions (DC-2/THX $2495, DC-2/AC-3 $3495, and DC-2/dts $3995).

    Here's a comparison chart for easy reference:
    Feature / DC-1 / DC-2 / MC-1
    Video inputs (Composite) / 5 / 5 / 8
    Video inputs (S-video) / 3 / 5 / 8
    Broadcast quality video switching / No / Almost / Yes
    Digital audio inputs (Coax) / 2 / 5 / 5
    Digital audio inputs (Optical) / 2 / 3 / 3
    Digital audio outputs / No Opt(1) 1
    24-bit D/A converters Opt.(8)* / 8 / 8
    24-bit A/D converters / No / 2 / 2
    24-bit/96kHz PCM digital audio input / No / Opt. / Yes
    S/N Ratio and Dynamic Range / 90dB / 100dB / 105dB
    A/V record outputs / 1 / 1 / 2
    RS-232 ports / No 1 (Opt. 2) / 2
    Digital expansion ports / No / Opt. / Yes
    Trigger terminal block / No / Yes / Yes
    Improved front panel display / No / No / Yes
    Improved back-lit remote control / opt. / Yes / Yes
    Version 3 software improvements / Opt. / Yes, / Yes
    lNew industrial chassis design / No, / Nol / Yes

    *DC-1's S/N 7289 and higher already include 24-bit D/A converters and 20-bit A/D converters (but this makes no audible difference as the rest of the architecture was designed around the original DACs). Notes: The 24-bit D/A converters utilized in the MC-1 and DC-2 are different from the ones that are utilized in the DC-1. The factory DC-1 24-bit D/A upgrade option does NOT upgrade the A/D converter.

    Do the DC-2 and MC-1 still require a AC-3/RF demodulator for AC-3 (Dolby Digital) laserdiscs?

    Yes. Since the DC-2 and MC-1 have superior audio and video performance in comparison to the DC-1, it is even more important to eliminate potential RF interference by utilizing an outboard AC-3/RF demodulator similar to the LDD-1.
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    Great post Phil! What a very conclusive review =)
  4. Luke_Y

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    Philip, WOW [​IMG] Thanks for the informative post. After I take some time to digest it I may follow up with a few questions.
    Sorry that it took me a bit to get back. I didn't intend to abandon my own post (Christmas has been a bit hectic).

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