Lexicon NT212 (Bryston 3bst) Amp Mint

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    This is the same exact amp as the Bryston 3bst, its made for lexicon by Bryston. This ones in mint condition and I just purchased it two weeks ago from my local dealer as a demo model..Retail was 1800.00 and it bests all the amps I have had in my home (over 25 all together)..Circumstances dictate that I sell it. I dont have the original box but will double box carefully. I have over 86 postive reviews on ebay with no negatives under my email name...PRICE IS 800.00 and thats SHIPPING INCLUDED in the Cont.US as well..Please email [email protected] if interested.

    NT Series:
    New sound sources and digital formats, especially those associated with home theater, are placing greater demands on power amplification - to the point where Amplifiers designed for music are increasingly inadequate for reproducing audio/video soundtracks. They simply lack the necessary combination of clarity and brute audio power to faithfully re-create film dynamics — a situation likely to worsen as A/V sound sources improve. This is why Lexicon has developed the NT Series of THX Ultra®-approved power amplifiers. The huge reserves of power in the NT amplifiers provide more than ample headroom, and are perfectly suited to support the extended dynamic range inherent in these
    new formats. The vanishingly low noise of these amplifiers
    assures the quietest, cleanest power imaginable, while their
    awesome authority results in precise control over any
    loudspeaker. NT amplifiers have been designed and manufactured for absolute linearity and stability. Utilizing a unique of connections and configurations are accommodated, as well as unique features specific to complex multi-channel audio systems.
    We believe that an amplifier’s goal is simple: to amplify
    the signal, accurately and cleanly, into any load, without
    imparting any coloration or distortion. Indeed, the distortion components of the Lexicon NT power amplifiers push the limits of sophisticated test instruments. More significantly, their sound can best be described as utterly neutral. While the amplifier’s goal is simple, its job is not. Over twenty years of amplifier research and design have
    resulted in products that perform flawlessly, year after year. Sophisticated engineering, manufacturing, and testing are combined with meticulous craftsmanship and pride, so
    you can enjoy the music and the movies — and forget about
    the equipment.

    Complete specifications:

    S/N: > 110dB
    IM + THD: < 0.01%
    Input Sensitivity: 1V for 28.28 VRMS
    (Approximately 100 watts into 8½)
    Input Impedance: 50 k½
    Slew Rate: 60 V/µs
    Damping Factor: Individual mode: > 500 (20Hz into 8½)
    Bridged mode: > 250 (20Hz into 8½) (212, 225)
    Radiated Interference: < 3 gauss RMS within 2"of case
    Polarity: Non-inverting
    Controls and Indicators: Power on/off
    3-color LEDs indicates operational status
    Toggle switches for bridged/individual operation
    (212, 225)
    Balanced/unbalanced operation (all models)
    6-position rotary switch for remote trigger delay
    (212, 225)
    General Dimensions: 512: 17.0" W x 5.25"H x 17.0"D
    212: 17.0" W x 5.25"H x 9.0"D
    225: 17.0" W x 5.25"H x 15.5"D
    All models available with 19" x 3U high;
    rack mount faceplate
    Weight: 512: 60lbs net; 65lbs shipping
    212: 22lbs net; 26lbs shipping
    225: 40lbs net; 45lbs shipping
    Power Requirements: 120VAC, 60Hz
    “THX” and “Home THX” are trademarks
    of LucasArts Entertainment Company.

    The NT Series Amplifiers have been designed for absolute linearity and stability. Utilizing quad-complementary output stages, they produce less distortion than even Class-A designs, with higher efficiency and better long-term reliability. A wide variety of I/O connections and configurations are available, as well as unique features specific to complex multi-channel audio systems. Approved for THX™ Home Cinema installations.

    Standard Features:
    Remote 5-15 volt trigger sensor
    Programmable Power-on delays signal ground lift
    RCA, XLR and 1/4 inch input jacks
    Exceptional AC line filtration
    Ultra quiet
    Separate power transformers for each channel
    Legendary reliability
    Completely neutral sound

    The NT 212 Power Amplifier
    The 212 contains two 120 watt amplifiers (200 watts into
    4 ohms) which can be bridged to provide 400 watts. With
    its ample current reserves, the 212 can be used with most
    stereo speaker systems, or two can be used in a bi-amplified
    two-channel system.
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    Still available

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