Level 1 Certification ?? What is it , guy at sony store mentioned it

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  1. John David Rage

    May 11, 2001
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    I would like to know what this means. I went to the local sony store today. I asked one of the sales reps about ISF calibration if he knows anything about it. He wasn't too sure of what I meant until I started discribing it a bit. Then he said that there big widescreen baby just went through a session. They had someone come in and calibrated this one sweet, 60 incher. I asked the sales rep, who this guy was and if he made house calls. Good news is that he is in the city here, but he couldn't get me a name or a workplace. Then he mentioned that the guy had "level 1" certification and he had a disk with him and something else , he put it. I would like to know what this "level 1" certification is?
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    Michael Chen
    Level 1 might mean no test equipment.
    Level 2 would be with equipment.
    Level 3 would be lunatic fringe. [​IMG]
    Michael @ The Laser Video Experience

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