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Let's make a list of films that we would like to see Criterion put out. (1 Viewer)

Jun-Dai Bates

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 16, 1999
I know that Criterion greatly appreciates feedback and that requests affect their decisions on which films to release. I email them every once in a while, and that's probably the most effective way to get your voice heard. But I thought it would be interesting to see what films other people would like to see Criterion put out on dvd. So I thought I'd start this thread.

I'd like to limit the list to feasible titles (i.e. not films owned by companies like Warner that have a no-licensing policy), although that would make an excellent secondary list. In any case, if anyone knows who owns the rights to any of the films mentioned, please say so.

For short films, you can mention a collection that you'd like to see the film in (e.g. "Roman Polanski's short films"), which would of course make a much more practical release for dvd.

It would be nice if you offer some reason, however brief, as to why the Criterion Collection should undergo the effort and expense of putting out the film you've recommended. If you second an opinion, I'll add a number to the list, indicating how many times people have "voted" for it, and I'll order the list by the number of "votes" that it has accrued.

I'll add other films I'd like to see them release later, and for now I'll just mention one film for which I think a Criterion release would be valuable:


This film is important mostly because it began the neorealist movement. It had a tremendous impact on all of the neorealist directors, and it showed a perspective of Italy that Italian audiences had never seen before. The indirect influence that this film has had is tremendous--you could simplistically divide the films of the 20th century into two somewhat meaningful categories: those that came before Ossessione (or came shortly enough afterwards to be unaffected) and those that came after and were influenced by it. From Ossessione came neorealism, and from neorealism came the French New Wave and all of the other new waves. Even though it was made in 1943, before the fall of Mussolini, it could be thought of as the first postwar film; certainly it heralded what was to become of cinema, and came to be known as the "July 25 of the Italian Cinema" (July 25, 1943 was the day that Mussolini's regime fell), because it marked the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

This film should be restored as best as possible, and it should be released by Criterion with an illuminating commentary track, and some special features that help put it in perspective.

Jun-Dai Bates

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 16, 1999
Here is the list so far:
(2) Link Removed (Bozzetto/Nichetti - Italy, 1976) [Home Vision]
Link Removed's short films, particularly Link Removed (1943)
Link Removed (Roman Polanski - US 1967)
Link Removed (Howard Hughes - US, 1930) [Universal]
Link Removed (Richard Williams - US, 1995) (aka Arabian Knight) [Miramax]
Link Removed (Luis Buñuel - Spain, 1962)
Link Removed (Federico Fellini - Italy, 1960) [Artisan]
Link Removed (Claude Chabrol - France, 1969)
Link Removed (Patrice Leconte - France, 1989)
Link Removed (Luis Buñuel - Fr/It/Sp, 1970)
Link Removed (Theodore J. Flicker - USA, 1964) [Janus]
Link Removed (William Cameron Menzies - USA, 1953)
Link Removed (Michael Powell - UK, 1939) [Janus]
Link Removed (Michael Powell - UK, 1941)
Link Removed (Powell/Pressburger - UK, 1944) [Janus]
Link Removed (Powell/Pressburger - UK, 1949) [Janus]
Link Removed (Powell/Pressburger - UK, 1949) [Janus]
Link Removed (Edward Dmytryk - UK, 1949) (aka Obsession)
Link Removed (Boulting/Boulting - UK, 1950)
Link Removed (Henry Cornelius - UK, 1953)
Link Removed (Henry Cass - UK, 1950) [Janus]
Link Removed (John Krish - UK, 1963)
Link Removed (Bryan Forbes - UK, 1964)
Link Removed (Georges Franju - France, 1959)
Link Removed (Georges Franju - France, 1963)
Link Removed (André Hunebelle - Fr/It, 1964)
Link Removed (René Clément - France, 1969)
Link Removed (Nuridsany/Pérennou - France, 1996) [Miramax]
Link Removed (Shan Hua - Hong Kong, 1975) [Shaw Bros./Joseph Brenner Associates]
Link Removed (Akira Kurosawa - Japan, 1947) [Janus]
Link Removed (Akira Kurosawa - Japan, 1949) [Janus]
Link Removed (Ishiro Honda - Japan, 1954) [Toho?]
Link Removed (Ishiro Honda - Japan, 1957) [Toho?]
Link Removed (Kaneto Shindo - Japan, 1964) [Janus]
Link Removed (Masayuki Suo - Japan, 1996) [Miramax]
Link Removed (Erle C. Kenton - UK, 1933)
Link Removed (Henry Hathaway - USA, 1935) [Universal]
Link Removed (Julien Duvivier - USA, 1943) [Universal]
Link Removed (Billy Wilder - USA, 1944) [Universal]
Link Removed (Robert Siodmak - USA, 1944) [Universal]
Link Removed (Robert Siodmak - USA, 1949) [Universal]
Link Removed (Robert Siodmak - USA, 1946) [Universal]
Link Removed (John Farrow - USA, 1948) [Universal]
Link Removed (multiple - USA, 1932) [Universal]
Link Removed (Edward F. Cline - USA, 1932) [Universal]
Link Removed (A. Edward Sutherland - USA, 1933) [Universal]
Link Removed (Norman Z. MacLeod - USA, 1934) [Universal]
Link Removed (Edward F. Cline - USA, 1941) [Universal]
Link Removed (Preston Sturges - USA, 1940) [Universal]
Link Removed (Preston Sturges - USA, 1942) [Universal]
Link Removed (Preston Sturges - USA, 1944) [Universal]
Link Removed (George Marshall - USA, 1945) [Universal]
Marx Brothers box set, to include:
Link Removed (Edgar G. Ulmer, 1934)
Link Removed (Lew Landers1935)
Not Feasible
Link Removed (Luchino Visconti - Italy, 1943) [already controlled by Image
Link Removed (Vittorio De Sica - Italy, 1948) [Image
Link Removed (Jean-Pierre Melville - France, 1967) [New Yorker]
Link Removed (Michael Powell - UK, 1941) [MGM
Link Removed (J. Lee Thompson - UK, 1959) [MGM]


Mar 6, 2001
My Criterion dream is quite simple. One film and one film only. Roman Polanski's classic:
The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967)

Jun-Dai Bates

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 16, 1999
Shortly after starting this list, I noticed that Image Entertainment has already announced Ossessione. I don't know if this means that Criterion can't also work on it, but I imagine that it does. So I'll put it on a second list of "Not Feasible" titles. It's a shame, because there's no way that Image Entertainment will do for this film what needs to be done. I understand that it is in need of restoration, and it could certainly use a commentary track to bring out the finer subtleties of the film, and to explain the effect that certain aspects of the film had on the limited audience that saw the film when it was originally released.
In its place, I'll put:
The Films of Maya Deren
Maya Deren made a number of films, the most well-known of which is
Link Removed. This film has had an enormous effect on the American avant-garde (read: non-narrative or experimental filmmaking) movement, and is the one film from that movement that has come closest to the public eye. I think it would be wonderful if Criterion were to release a few dvds from this realm of American cinema mostly unknown to the public. These films are hard to get a hold of, and if Criterion released the films it would make a number of people (mostly film scholars, fanatics, students, and buffs, of course) very happy. It would also bring these films into the awareness of people that would otherwise remain ignorant of them (through no fault of their own). Meshes in the Afternoon would be the best place to start.

Patrick McCart

Senior HTF Member
May 16, 2001
Georgia (the state)
Real Name
Patrick McCart
Allegro Non Troppo (Home Vision)

Hell's Angels (Universal) [Already restored on film by UCLA]

Paramount Marx Bros. Films (Universal)
- The Cocoanuts
- Horse Feathers
- Animal Crackers
- Duck Soup
- Monkey Business

(Note: I'd like to see them release a box set of the 5 films since they're all quite short. Also digitally restore them and use a complete print for Horse Feathers)

The Thief and the Cobbler (Buena Vista)
(Director-approved 2.35:1 widescreen, re-edited to Richard Williams' original cut. Also contain butchered Arabian Knight version a la Brazil!)

Deepak Shenoy

Supporting Actor
Jul 3, 1998
Some of these have already been confirmed, but this is my wish list of Criterion releases (all of them are foreign titles) :

The 400 Blows (Truffaut)
The Bicycle Thief (De Sica)
The Exterminating Angel (Bunuel)
Ivan's Childhood (Tarkovsky)
Jules and Jim (Truffaut)
L'Eclisse (Antonioni)
La Dolce Vita (Fellini)
La Notte (Antonioni)
La Strada (Fellini)
Le Boucher (Chabrol)
Le Samourai (Melville)
Monsieur Hire (Leconte)
The Silence (Bergman)
Through a Glass Darkly (Bergman)
Tristana (Bunuel)
Umberto D (De Sica)
Winter Light (Bergman)

Peter M Fitzgerald

Senior HTF Member
Mar 21, 1999
Real Name
Peter Fitzgerald
My picks for the Criterion/Home Vision treatment:
INVADERS FROM MARS (1953 restored) rights belong to--?
THE TROUBLEMAKER (1964) Janus Films
THE SPY IN BLACK (1939-British) Janus Films
THE 49TH PARALLEL (1941-British) Janus Films
ONE OF OUR AIRCRAFT IS MISSING (1942-British) Janus Films?
A CANTERBURY TALE (1944-British) Janus Films
THE SMALL BACK ROOM (1949-British) Janus Films
THE ELUSIVE PIMPERNEL (1950-British) Janus Films
THE HIDDEN ROOM (1949-British) rights belong to--?
SEVEN DAYS TO NOON (1950-British) rights belong to--?
THE LAST HOLIDAY (1950-British) Janus Films
GENEVIEVE (1953-British) rights belong to--?
NORTH WEST FRONTIER (1959-British, aka "FLAME OVER INDIA") rights belong to--?
UNEARTHLY STRANGER (1963-British) rights belong to--?
HOUSE OF MYSTERY (1960-British)/THE MAN IN THE BACK SEAT (1960-British) rights belong to--?
SEANCE ON A WET AFTERNOON (1964-British) rights belong to--?
EYES WITHOUT A FACE (1959-French) rights belong to--?
JUDEX (1963-French) rights belong to--?
FANTOMAS (1964-French) rights belong to--?
RIDER ON THE RAIN (1969-French) rights belong to--?
MICROCOSMOS (1996-French) Miramax
INFRA-MAN (1976-Hong Kong) Shaw Bros./Joseph Brenner Associates
ALLEGRO NON TROPPO (1976-Italian) Janus Films
ONE WONDERFUL SUNDAY (1947-Japanese) Toho?
STRAY DOG (1949-Japanese) Toho?
IKIRU (1952-Japanese) Toho
THE BAD SLEEP WELL (1960-Japanese) Toho
GOJIRA (1954-Japanese, subtitled version) Toho
THE MYSTERIANS (1957-Japanese) Toho
ONIBABA (1964-Japanese) rights belong to--?
SHALL WE DANCE? (1996-Japanese, un-cut) Miramax
ISLAND OF LOST SOULS (1933) Universal
THE BLACK CAT (1934)/THE RAVEN (1935) Universal
PETER IBBETSON (1935) Universal
FLESH & FANTASY (1943) Universal
DOUBLE INDEMNITY (1944) Universal
THE PHANTOM LADY (1944) Universal
THE KILLERS (1946) Universal
CRISS-CROSS (1948) Universal
THE BIG CLOCK (1948) Universal
IF I HAD A MILLION (1932) Universal
MILLION DOLLAR LEGS (1932) Universal
IT'S A GIFT (1934) Universal
THE GREAT MCGINTY (1940) Universal
THE PALM BEACH STORY (1942) Universal
MURDER, HE SAYS (1945) Universal

Jun-Dai Bates

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 16, 1999
Criterion already mentioned that they intended to do:
The Devil and Daniel Webster
The 400 Blows
Jules and Jim
Ivan's Childhood
La Notte
La Strada
Umberto D.
Through a Glass Darkly/The Silence/Winter Light
and Ikiru

thus, I did not add them to the list.

Chuck L

Feb 12, 2001
I too add my name to the list that would love to see that Marx Brother's done right...along with those Universal titles, don't forget the classic MGM titles as well.

I would also like to see Criterion get there hands on The Haunting from 1963 and Moonstruck. Those two films truly deserve better treatment, and respect, than what they currently represented by.


Senior HTF Member
Apr 7, 2000
More Kurosawa - Any & all but my #1 most wanted is.........
THRONE OF BLOOD 1957 (Janus)
Criterion needs a representation of the Golden age of Horror. Universal doesn't seem interested in these anymore.
ISLAND OF LOST SOULS 1933 (Universal)
THE BLACK CAT/RAVEN 1934/35 (Universal)
Criterion has No Classic Westerns in their DVD catalog. These would be worthy additions and again Universal doesn't seem interested in these.
WINCHESTER '73 1951 (Universal)
BEND OF THE RIVER 1952 (Universal)
THE FAR COUNTRY 1954 (Universal)
LONELY ARE THE BRAVE 1962 (Universal)
More Preston Sturges. Any & all but my #1 request is.........
THE PALM BEACH STORY 1943 (Universal)
Hammer Horror. Universal has the rights to a couple of the very best and again Universal does't seem interested.
BRIDES OF DRACULA (1960) (Universal)
CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF (1961) (Universal)
Powell/Pressberger. Any & all titles. My most wanted being......
THE 49TH PARALLEL 1941 Janus?
Toho Horror/Sci-fi/Fantasy titles. Someone needs to be bribed over at Toho so us Western Barbarians can get the SUPERIOR Original Japanese Language Versions of their classic Kaiju films.
GOJIRA (1954) Toho
RODAN (1956) Toho
MOSURA (1961) Toho
MOSURA tai GOJIRA (1964) Toho
DAGORA (1964) Toho
GHIDRAH (1964) Toho

Dan Hitchman

Senior HTF Member
Jun 11, 1999
More DTS and add DTS-ES Discrete 6.1 support where appropriate too.
How about fully restored director's cuts of Brazil (with the same supplements as before), 12 Monkeys (comprehensive extras plus the great documentary on the current SE DVD), and Time Bandits (with deluxe supplements), from new 1080p HD masters and remixed sound encoded with DTS. Bring Terry Gilliam on board to supervise.

Brook K

Senior HTF Member
Feb 22, 2000
The Great McGinty (Sturges)
No Regrets For Our Youth (Kurosawa)
The Devil Is A Woman (Sternberg)
Ugetsu Monogatari (Mizoguchi)
Sansho The Bailiff (Mizoguchi)
Week-End (Godard)
Contempt (Godard)
The Bitter Tears Of Petra Von Kant (Fassbinder)
A Woman Under The Influence (Cassavetes)
She's Gotta Have It (Lee)
Europa/Zentropa (Von Trier)
Days Of Being Wild (Kar-Wai)
Cure (Kiyoshi Kurosawa)
Russian Ark (Sokurov)


Supporting Actor
Mar 19, 2001
Number-one pick: Trouble in Paradise (1932, Paramount), by Ernst Lubitsch. I can't think why this, one of the greatest movies ever made anywhere, has never been on VHS or DVD.
Number two: Love Me Tonight (1932, Paramount), with Maurice Chevalier and Jeannette MacDonald, directed by Rouben Mamoulian with songs by Rodgers and Hart. Not only has this never been on video, but the only version seen on TV is a reissue print that chops out 10-20 minutes of the film. We need a complete, restored version of this (one of the best movie musicals of all time) on DVD.

Bruce Morrison

Supporting Actor
May 16, 2001
Here's a few off the top of my head:

Secret Honor (Altman)
Short Cuts (Altman) (unless New Line finally do it)
Viridiana (Bunuel)
The Exterminating Angel (Bunuel)
Belle de Jour (Bunuel)
Tristana (Bunuel)
The Phantom of Liberty (Bunuel)
L'Argent (Bresson)
Lancelot du Lac (Bresson)
L'Innocente (Visconti)
Hiroshima mon Amour (Resnais)
Days And Nights In The Forest (Ray)
Kanal (Wajda)
Ashes And Diamonds (Wajda)
Man Of Marble (Wajda)
Man Of Iron (Wajda)
Missing (Costa-Gavras) (licensed from Universal?)
Taking Off (Forman) (licensed from Universal?)
Day For Night (Truffaut)
Stolen Kisses (Truffaut)
Fat City (Huston) (licensed from Columbia?)
The Go-Between (Losey) (licensed from Columbia?)
California Split (Altman) (licensed from Columbia?)

Patrick McCart

Senior HTF Member
May 16, 2001
Georgia (the state)
Real Name
Patrick McCart
I feel the desire to add a few more...

Abel Gance's Napoleon
- Have the 20fps 5 1/2 hour cut with Carl Davis score
- Commentary with Kevin Brownlow
- Offer 2 versions:
1. Tryptich in 3.99:1 anamorphic widescreen
2. 3 "mini-DVDs" for those who want to show with 3 screens side-by-side
- Also have the 1 panel version edited from the 3 panels

The rights holder in the US is Zoetrope and Universal. The British Film Institute is the holder in Europe, I think.

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (Janus Films)
- Digitally restored (The surviving print is reddish)

Harold Lloyd silent features (Totally held by Lloyd estate)

Also, if WB ever has a change of heart, they should license all their silent films to Criterion. "Ben-Hur: Criterion Collection" gives me goosebumps!

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