Les Miserables 10th Anniversary Concert DVD?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by BrianShort, Nov 24, 2004.

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    Has anyone heard anything recently about the Superbit release of this title? I know there is currently a DVD out, but I heard the quality wasn't the greatest.

  2. Malcolm Cleugh

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    This was planned around a year ago, as I had a preorder for it but then disappeared from listings. There is an old thread about this here.

    It has just been rereleased in the UK as a deluxe collectors edition for the Christmas market, its around USD30. VCI the UK distributors are really milking this as its their 3rd DVD release of the concert, they also released it on laserdisc in the UK.

    1. P/S dual sided flipper
    2. Anamorphic w/s 1.78 with Dolby 2.0 dual layer
    I have this and its fine
    3. As 2 but now 2 disk, 2nd disk is the stage by stage documentary. Is about the making of the stage musical mainly interviews lasts just under an hour, dating from its original opening. Was released as a standalone laserdisc in UK years ago.
    Packaging is a single width 2 disk case in a card outer sleeve.

    I have seen "superbit" for sale on Amazon Marketplace as a collectors item for around USD100 a couple of times, but guess this is a bootleg with faked DTS ? as I thought the superbit was never released by Columbia ?
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