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Dec 21, 2002
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Spoilers below for anyone who has never seen any version of Les Miserables before. That being said, it seems like everyone who has participated this thread thus far knows the show, so I'm not going to put this entire post in spoiler brackets. If you have no experience with Les Mis already, stop reading a four-pages-deep thread about it and go watch one of the three available concerts or the movie.

OK...still here? Good.

I just watched the concert in full tonight and was shocked that they removed Gavroche's death scene. It goes directly from Bring Him Home to the final battle where everyone dies, without the second attack or spotlighting Gavroche's death in any way at all.

I know that his death is usually a physical moment in fully staged productions, but the concert has a LOT of moments where there is normally business going on but they just sing it and assume the audience will follow.

This begs the question...did Gavroche die when this screened in movie theaters back in December? I saw it, but now I'm trying to remember, and I don't. I feel like I would have noticed if it was gone, though, because I noticed right away tonight.

Then I checked the 25th anniversary concert version too, which I hadn't seen in a long time, and it's not there either. I haven't checked the 10th anniversary yet, but I know they skipped over some stuff in that version.

Does anyone remember this being included or omitted in the movie theater screenings? It is such a big moment in the show that I find it surprising they would remove it completely.

A friend of mine suggested that maybe they pared it down for the concert because of the show's length. But that wouldn't make sense because they did three encores (Stars with Michael Ball and Bradley Jaden, Bring Him Home with the five Valjean, and One Day More) plus three curtain speeches (Ball, Mackintosh and Schoenberg.). Those are cool and all, but there is no way I would choose to have three encores in there if such a significant plot point as Gavroche's death had to be omitted. The actual show is more important than encores.

Does anyone else have any memory of this?
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