Lens Shift on Sanyo PLV-Z4

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Daniel Simon, Dec 27, 2005.

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    I'm considering the Sanyo PLV-Z4 for my future projector purchase (and maybe the Panny 900 as well). Due to low-hanging bulkheads in my basement HT, I've got around 10' - 11' distance from the screen to projector when centered. I can gain an extra 1' in distance though by mounting the projector off-center (my bulkheads have an opening off to the side). I want to get the most distance possible for a larger image and would like to mount the PJ off-center if the lens shift is adequate enough. Specs for the Z4 show:

    "UD: -100% --Center-- +100%, RL :-50% -- Center -- +50%"

    Does that mean I can move up to half a screen's width to either side and still have a centered picture (basically, the PJ could line up with either edge)?
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    Yes, but the closer you get to one extreme, the less shift you have in the other direction. So if you are fullu vertically shifted, you get very little room to shift horizontally, its like a diamond shape that you can zone in, like a square rotated 45 degrees.

    I have the 900 and absolutely love it, ou cant go wrong with either one tho, but each have their advantages. For me, smoothscreen tech (no SDE) was the deciding factor.


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