Blu-ray Review Leave Her to Heaven Blu-ray Review

Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Matt Hough, May 13, 2013.

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    So maybe you'll win our race. I'll be arriving home around 4:45 PM, so that's when I'll check for my mail.
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    Rob Ray
    I'll be home about the same time, if I'm lucky!
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    I watched this BRD last night. I'm delighted to say this disc blows the DVD into the weeds. Yes, because of Fox's insane junking of the original elements, this disc is not as good as it might have been but it'll do.
  4. Lromero1396

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    If I could go back in time and stop one of the disasters which occurred due to the idiotic asset protection practices of old Hollywood, it would be the Fox vault junking of 1978. The loss of the OCNs and trims from so many films is an even greater tragedy than the GEH fire IMO.

    Regarding the BD of LHTH, I was overall pleased with the image, but did not like at all how the color was timed to resemble Eastmancolor (at least that's how it looks to me). Some shades of color like Gene Tierney's red lipstick seem a bit more on the cool side whereas on the DVD they were definitely very close to Technicolor red. I seriously hope that this over-naturalized palette is not repeated on the upcoming releases of Blood and Sand, Jesse James, and The Black Swan. I wish Fox would have just scanned the studio nitrate prints stored at UCLA. That would yield an image completely faithful to the theatrical presentation even if it wouldn't be as close to the original as the poorly registered and faded CRIs. Then Fox also wouldn't have to spend so much time and money correcting the mis-regsitered color and would just have to deal with audiovisual blemishes and any nitrate damage that may have occurred.

    This is just my opinion and I'm not the most knowledgable on the subject. I'm just giving my opinions based on my logic.

    On a positive note, the audio sounds gorgeous. The DVD suffered from lots of age-related crackles and pops, all of which have been eliminated here. Also, the isolated score is sumptuous.

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