Learning to fly, getting a private pilots license.

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  1. Travis Hedger

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    This thread kicked me in the butt in order to make me want to start getting a pilots license.
    That night I did some looking up and found www.learntofly.com
    Has anyone used this program in order to get a private license?
    For those who have gotten their license, how hard was it and how long did it take.
    The way I see it, it seems to cost approx $100 per hour so far, how far off am I? I know this would take me some time but I have always wanted to get my feet off the ground and getting my license would be one way of doing it when I want to! [​IMG]
  2. Eric Kahn

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    In cincinnati, the cost of the airplane is $59 an hour for a Cessna 152, $72 an hour for a 172 (I can not fit in a 152)

    instructor is about$25 an hour for dual time, most don't charge for solo time

    I do not know what ground school cost, have not done that part yet

    average flight time before you get your license is in the 60 hour range
  3. Nick Sievers

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    As for the cost I can't really say since im in Australia and it is about $120AU an hour. BUt most flying schools have packages for this type of thing.
  4. Philip_G

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    You need 40 hours for a private, I think it breaks down to 30 dual and about 10 solo, but the requrements are sort of strange, and some of them can't be met at 40 hours very easily so you'll probably run over a bit, maybe 50, if you'd like I can look it up and tell you exactly what you need.

    I think you really need to fly once a week to make any progress, otherwise you end up re learning the stuff from last time, twice is better, but it takes a lot of time out of your life. But flying once a week 6 months should be a good goal, kids at my school fly 3 times a week and do it in 3 months.

    Ground school isn't a big deal, you can self study most of it, most flight schools have the king video tapes that you can rent or borrow for free and they'll teach it all to you, or you can read the book. There will be times that your instructor will do ground lessons, but not too many.

    the cost posted above sounds pretty average, a C150/152 should be find unless you're a big guy or live in a high altitude area. You can roughly figure the total cost yourself.

    you'll probably need

    $300 for books and supplies

    $100 for the written test

    $150 for the practical test (flight test with an FAA examiner)

    45 hours of engine time

    45 hours of instructor time

    I can't think of anything else to tell ya. Pick up a book and start reading, see if the bookwork suits you, if it does, you'll have an easy time of it.

    You should be able to order the faa advisory circular 61-21A "flight training handbook" (there may be a new revision, I think there is..) it's a good read.

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