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    We live on the bottom floor of a six story apartment building. This past Sunday our ceiling started to leak water. We put out some towels and buckets and called the landlord. Being Sunday he couldn't have anybody out till the next day.

    This had happened once before 2 or 3 years ago, because the people in the apt. above us had gone away and left their coffee pot on. So we figured either there was another spill upstairs or the pipes had a leak. The water stopped dripping after a few hours. The landlord called on Monday and asked if it was still leaking we said no. He doesn't bother to come by and check out what's what.

    We go all Monday without a leak, so we put our apt. back in order. Tuesday night we come home to a leak twice as bad as before and of course it's moved over so it's right above our computer. We have a Mac G4 and it's incased pretty well, so hopefully it's ok. The monitor was a few feet away and didn't get any water in it. Our cable modem wasn't so lucky, it was full of water.

    We're going to let everything dry out for week and hope for the best. We have renters insurance, so after a $500 deductable that should cover the computer if it's fried. The modem is ATT's and I'm sure that's toast. So who's at fault? Should we expect the landlord to pay for any of it? Or is it all up to us?

    Oh, and we figure it's the rain leaking in from five stories up. Because it was raining Sunday, didn't Monday, and then poured yesterday. Hopefully the landlord can get it fixed quick, cause I'm sick of water buckets filling our bedroom.

    I'd appreciate any advice anybody can give. Thanks.
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    The landlord should have inspected the leak and made a report for you. I doubt the property owner would pay willingly unless you can prove it's a pipe or a PART of the building.

    If it's from upstairs and is the fault of the current tenants ask them to pay your deductable

    I wouldn't expect them to offer though.

    Brent L
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    I had part of my roof blown away in a storm a year ago in the apartment I was in. I was leaking all over the place. They patched it the next day but the patch blew off and they didn't fix it again. I did move but they never did anything to help me. I finally got the mail on what I owe after moving out. And the morons charged me for carpet cleaning! It was their damn fault that the water damaged it. They didn't even bother to replace he carpeting. The mold in that apartment is gonna be horrible once it gets warm and humid again. If you are getting water damage take pictures of it. Walk down to the apartment office and show them. If they still don't do anything write a letter and send it registered mail to the apartment office. Tell them they are in violation of their part of the lease. Also check into what rights you have as a renter in the state you live. If the apartment does not fix something like this in texas within a certain period of time the renter has the right to move out without any penalties.

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