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LD with DVDO iScan Pro : how would this work? (1 Viewer)

Joe Cole

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Aug 1, 1999
Would using a iScan Pro with my LD player greatly improve the picture quality on my Mit. HDTV?

Is there anyone here doing this? Or how about using one of these units with a non-progressive out on a DVD player, would it get rid of any chroma error?


Supporting Actor
Dec 4, 2000
I use an Iscan v2 (without the component input) with my CLD-704 ld player and my DV-36c Elite dvd player on a Panny 56" set. I think the LD picture is great. I'm going against the grain by using the s-video out to the iscan, rather than the composite out (as many suggest), but I'm very happy with the results. I never see any jitters. I'm also bypassing the dvd player's line doubler in favor of the iscan, as the dvd player doesn't have the greatest doubler in the world.

I can't testify about the chroma bug, though, as I've honestly never gone looking for it. Nonetheless I always tell my friends to forget about buying a new expensive progressive dvd player, as the iscan is only around $350. They have tended to agree thus far.

Not much knowledge here, but I hope it helps.

Best regards,


Allan Jayne

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Nov 1, 1998
LD does not "have the chroma upsampling bug". As far as I know, if your DVD player has the bug, the iScan won't cure it.
How much improvement the iScan gives you depends on the quality of the de-interlacing in the TV. If you don't have any complaints about the picture in the ways described below (also try the DVD player connected via S-video), you probably don't need an iScan.
1. Very momentary ghost like afterimages as things move on the screen,
2. The entire picture blurs a wee bit when something starts moving, noticed if everything was still just a moment before,
3. Viewing the AVIA or Video Essentials test patterns with thin horizontal and vertical white lines on a dark background (some of the overscan and convergence tests) the horizontal lines are not a crisp exactly two scan lines thick, some extra flickering pixels at the intersections with the upright lines are OK.
It would help if you are able to audition an iScan with your specific equipment (auditions are recommended for any kind of equipment) before buying one. See if you can borrow one from a friend.

Joe Cole

Second Unit
Aug 1, 1999
Thank you Nathan and and Allan for your input.

The pro sells for around $700. Any idea why it is double the cost of the older version? Component out can cost that much. Better quality line doubler maybe?

I would like to test it on my equipment first.

Jay Blair

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Nov 3, 2001
I'm running a CLD-D704 thru the Iscan Pro but in a round about way. I first run the 704 into the composite input of my Panasonic E20 DVD recorder and then run the component out of the Panasonic into the Iscan. I see a very noticeable inprovement running the 704 this way instead of directly into my Sony 53HS20 TV. I see even further improvement after I make a DVD-R copy of the laserdisc and then play it through the Panasonic because the Panasonic switching capabilities are not perfect. I also tried running the 704 directly into the S-video of the IScan and found the picture was not as good (noisier) that way, but still an improvement over running directly into the TV.
I got the Iscan Pro from Link Removed for $649.99 plus $15.72 shipping. Very happy with their service. They shipped the unit promptly. The IScan has been well worth the price for me.
Only complaint with the IScan is that it runs a little hot, which is always a concern for longevity, but nevertheless has been trouble free for the couple months I've had it.

Rachael B

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Jun 5, 2000
Knocksville, TN
Real Name
Rachael Bellomy
Joe, Why are you considering the Pro model over the V2 or even a V1? Do U need the Pro's component input for something? I specificly bought the V2 to get 2 S-video inputs and, of course, the one composite. I can tell you DVD players look real good played through the V2's S-inputs. I quess I just can imagine more S-video devices needing a slot into an iscan than component video devices.

I played my S9 into several of last year's Mitsu's S-inputs. I was serious about the 43". I played the S9 into a larger one too, forget the model fifty-somethin' inches...? If I had bought the 43-incher I'd definitely would be using an iscan with it. This year's models, I don't know? Best wishes!

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