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  1. Declan

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    Aug 22, 2002
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    I got a lend of a friends LD of Rockula (dont blame me I did'nt buy it, I just got a lend of it[​IMG] )..........anyway.
    My player can play both sides of the disc. On side 2 of the disc it went all crazy at around the 36 min mark. It went backwards and forwards and kept on doing this continously until I hit stop. Now when I flipped the disc over and now played side 2 as side A on the player and put the timer to 36 mins it played fine. When I checked on side 1 (side b on the player..........with me so far?) it played fine as well.
    So to recap. Dide 2 when played as side b wnet mad at the 36min mark but when played as side a was fine and every other disc that I tried out was also fine. There was a few scratches on side 2 of Rockula but nothing that could distrupt the playback of the disc.
    Anbody any theories? Dont know if it is my LD player as it's a replacement one that I got last June and it has been perfect. Every other diec that i tested out after seeing this played perfect as well. So is it the Rockula's LD?
    But if it is then why does it play fine if i reverse the sides.
  2. David Norman

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    Oct 12, 2001
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    Charlotte, NC
    I've had same problems with certain discs and certain players. I think there may be some slight warping near the outer edge of the disc.

    I have found a couple discs that will play until the last 4-5 minutes and then start jumping back and forth on my 503 I usually use for screening, but seem to play fine on a 704 and CLD99. Like you, if I play the disc B side up, then the 503 plays the disc fine most of the time. I've had heard that the 503 wasn't the best at tracking slightly warped discs and this seems to confirm it.

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