LCD vs Plasma - Whats the diff?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Andy_Bu, Sep 18, 2003.

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    Hi all,

    In the stores I see both plasma and LCD types of displays.

    What is the difference (is it resolution, size etc?), between the two types?

    If there is a FAQ for this, please point me there.


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    For picture quality, plasmas have deeper blacks than LCD's. LCD's meanwhile may exhibit ghosting where fast moving subjects had been (called comet trails for small bright moving subjects).

    Plasmas are more susceptable to permanent shadows (often called burn in or screen burn) when operated with high contrast and/or stationary bright subject matter.

    Plasmas are currently more expensive for a given screen size and pixel count. Plasmas are heavier.

    For subject resolution, plasmas and LCD's are the same if they have the same pixel count.

    LCD's have a screen consisting of a layer of material divided into pixels that individually become more transparent or more opaque, and light shines through this layer and also a layer with red, green, and blue stripes to produce the picture.

    Plasmas have a screen made up of thin tubes filled with gas and lined with phosphors. Depending on stimuli from electronic elements crisscrossing the screen,, the gas may or may not make the phosphors glow in tiny places within the tubes.

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