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Discussion in 'Displays' started by fjccronje, Aug 4, 2009.

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    Hi do you think a lcd tv would survive the trip to south africa from the usa, what kind of packaging do e bay normaly use?
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    Most of them are shipped from the factory from China, Korea, Japan to the US and make it fine. As long as its packages properly and labeled fragile you should be fine. Purchase insurance on the package in the event something does happen. Ebay doesnt package things.... the seller does, so you are dependent upon the person you are buying it from. I've received items packaged very well, and then I have received items that are fragile in a box with no packing at all allowing the items to fly around inside the box.... its hit and miss. Why would you purchase a tv that far away though.... wont the shipping cost more than it is worth?
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    I do not recommend buying the TV using eBay.

    EBay is a means of selling secondhand goods. There is no guarantee it will be working when it gets to you.

    Quality of packaging depends on how well the seller packed it. Somehow I do not trust even the original box it came in to survive a trip that complex. Really the TV should be double boxed, for example the original box inside another box.

    Better to buy it locally where you can return it and/or make a claim against the seller if it doesn't work.

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