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LCD screen is shot - how can i fix it? (1 Viewer)


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Jun 27, 2002
There's a Panasonic receiver that I'm interested in buying and it appears as though the only thing wrong with it is that the display doesn't light up. Is there an easy way that I could fix this myself? It just sounds like a blown fuse, but could it be a bigger problem?

Jonathan M

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Jul 23, 2002
First off, it's not likely to be a fuse. Most receivers only have a mains fuse, and some also have fuses on the amplifier supply rails but many don't even have that.

Secondly, it'll depend on the type of display we are dealing with, and how it is lit. If all that is wrong is the lighting function is dead, then you may be able to do something about it assuming you are competant at electronics. It may be as simple as a group of small bulbs that need replacing. Many newer displays use EL lighting as backlights - these are high voltage devices and are not commonly available. You may also be able to replace the back lighting with some other form of light - say a few white LEDs. I am currently doing this to my CD player whose lighting is dead. A quick and easy test that sometimes works is to pop the top off and see if you can see the back of the LCD display. If so, you may be able to power it up (CAREFULLY!!) and shine a light (torch or whatever) down at the back of the LCD and see if it causes it to light up (It may be dim). If so, then you just need to replace the back-lighting. This may be able to be sourced from a repair shop.

Hope this helps. Please be careful if you intend to power it up whilst the lid is off it!!

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