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    I have currently upgraded from my current setup of a 27" television to an LCD projector. Although the LCD projector is in the bottom of the barrel (an Epson 50c), I thought that it would be fine for the time being, and I got it for a good price. I do have a couple of questions though:

    It mentions in the specs that the projector has HDTV capabilities at 16:9. I am just wondering how this is possible seeing that it only has composite and s-video inputs. My 27" has component video and this is why I am asking this.

    Also, does it effect the picture in any way if the projector is mounted at a diagonal angle from the screen? I am just wondering this because their is an inlet on one side of the proposed room, where I would like to ceiling mount the projector.

    Also, how far should the projector be away from the screen? I have about 20-22ft of leeway.

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    Ian Bleakney
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    This projector has a native 4x3 resolution of 800x600 pixels so when displaying HDTV, it will have to downconvert the resolution from either 1080 interlaced lines (1080i) or 720 progressive lines (720p) in order to fit (600 lines) - forgive my terminology.

    As for mounting off axis, it is always best to mount as close to screen centre as possible (horizontally) and if hanging off the ceiling, as close a level as possible to the top of the screen (or as level with the bottom of the screen as possible for a table mounted setup). Any move away from this will result in a trapezoidal image rather than a rectangle. Most projectors will compensate for "keystoning" when mounting the projector too high or too low relative to the screen but few will compensate for mounting the projector too much to the left or right of the screen. The Epson unit has vertical keystoning correction.

    The answer to your last question will depend on how large an image you want. Since you already have the projector, why don't you do your own experimentation. Try placing the projector on a small table say around 10ft from the wall, project your image and take measurements of screen sizes and move the projector back bit by bit until you obtain desireable results. There is a range since the projector also has a manual zoom lens. To give you a rough idea of 4x3 screen sizes and projector throw....

    When mounted at 10ft, Diagonal Range: 83.1 - 85.4 in. ( 6.9 - 7.1 ft.)

    When mounted at 12ft, Diagonal Range: 99.8 - 102.4 in. ( 8.3 - 8.5 ft.)
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    RE: the Epson 50c,
    The 15 pin VGA (monitor) input is where the HDTV tuner is connected. Both the RCA DTC-100 (DirectTv) and the Dish 6000 HDTV box have VGA outputs which will connect directly to the 50c.
    If you already have a HDTV tuner that only has component out, you will need to purchase a component to VGA transcoder ($150 and up) which will convert component to VGA.
    With the 50c, it only has SVGA resolution, so keep your screen size smaller and you will be much happier with the image!
    Here is the projection size calculator for the 50c (and other specs):
    Projector Central: Epson 50c

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