LCD Monitor for DVD's? Will this work for bedroom system?

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    Hello all,

    I just managed to pick up a used Sony (stereo) receiver + CD player + a pair of older Monitor Audio bookshelf speakers. I've placed all this in my bedroom so that I can listen to music. Having this got me thinking though, that I should pick up a small 19" TV or something and a DVD player for my room also.

    Then I started to think that I've never really seen a good quality 19" TV though.

    So what I wanted to do (if this was possible) was to pick up a LCD monitor (17" maybe) and connect it to the DVD player with no PC involved. Is this possible? Are LCD's suitable for watching DVD's on anyways?

    One last thing, I doubt these speakers of mine are magnetically shielded, but would this affect LCD monitors like it would a regular TV if they were too close?

    Thanks a bunch.
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    Nick So
    There are some LCD monitors that do have normal Video inputs (F-type, Composite, Svideo, Component) also with a VGA input, though those i think are quite expensive, but just to let you know they are some out there...
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    also I ma not sure of how much you would want to watch DVDs on a 17" monitor or not....kind of small when you factor in watching a 2.35:1 aspect ratio DVD like Gladiator, or Crouching Tiger..
    I bought a 27" 800x600" monitor for $300, used, and the picture for DVD from my HTPC is the best it can be.
    You would need to use the PC for driving this display though. But maybe just a standard 21" monitor or something would work for that as well.
    This is a whole 'nother ballgame though from what you were talking about doing I guess. I don't know why I daydream in other people's threads.[​IMG]

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