LCD/HD Widescreen TV's What To Look For Etc.

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Don, Nov 17, 2005.

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    are there any does and don'ts of buying a LCD widescreen HD tv. i was at wally world today looking at their lcd tvs and was looking at a sanyo there. is sanyo a good brand or should i look/get something more different. also what options do i need as in dvi s cable etc.
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    Some of the Sanyo's at WallyWorld have gotten good reviews.
    Those were CRT displays though....

    Just not sure, but I can say, it would have to be one heck of a deal for me to consider it with so many other choices out there.

    How much??? I mean, Looking at their website, I see no great bargains on their Sanyo LCD 23" anyways.
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    Depending how picky you are, here is a list of things I normally look for in a new display. Not all are specific to an LCD sets. BTW, for my main set, I have a Toshiba 32HL83 LCD TV:

    - Colour Decoder (does it exibit red or green push)
    - Contrast (especially on LCD) does it clip the whites and does it provide enough contrast (ie does black look black while still retaining shadow detail).
    - Brightness: Is the set bright enough to view under normal viewing conditions?
    - Sharpness: does it exhibit any edge enhancement that cannot be turned off
    - Grey Scale - How close is it to D6500 and can the user change this
    - Resolution
    :Will it resolve atleast 1280x720p (preferably 1920x1080)
    :The set accepts all SD/HD resolutions (480i/480p/720p/1080i)
    - Inputs:
    :The number of specific inputs depends on your specific requirements, but it should have at least one of the following (more = better)
    :Composite, S-Vid, Componenent (will accept all resolutions), DVI-D or HDMI (either HAVE to have accept HDCP encription)
    : Does the set retain settings for each input ... as every input will have it's own calibration.
    :Outputs - do you need to hook any external speakers?
    Response Time: Is the LCD pannel fast enough so you don't see ghosting on fast moving objects?
    - Price: It must fall in my budget
    - Aspect Ratio: It must be 16:9
    - Interanl Scaller: How does the set scale signals that are not in it set's native resolution.
    - Geometry and overscan: Is the geometry correct and is the overscan under 5% (normally not a problem with LCD).

    Other things to consider, but I consider them more fluff or nice to haves as I don't use them or they are not important if the above cannot be achieved.
    Remote: I have a universal remote so this is not important to me
    PIP/POP/Dual Tuner:

    Depending what you're going to use the set as and what signals you intend to send to the TV will determine a lot of the options and the priority you place on them.

    The first step is to set you budget, TV size and what you're planning on useing the TV for. Of the LCD set's I've seen at Walmart I've not been impressed. For cables, it really depends on what you intend to connect to the set. DVI or HDMI you will need a DVD player that has these connections, or a HDTV Digial Cable Box/Satalite Box with DVI or HDMI connections. BTW, DVI and HDMI are compatable inputs, you just need a HDMI->DVI converter or DVI->HDMI like the monster one here

    When I'm in the market for a new TV, I always take my AVIA and DVE disk to evaluate a TV.


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