Blu-ray Review Lawrence of Arabia: 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Blu-ray Review

Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Richard Gallagher, Nov 8, 2012.

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    Todd Erwin
    I received the 2-disc version for Christmas, and, for the most part, am happy with it. I just wish Sony had included the third disc as well. But, then again, it probably would have been much more than the $18 I spent using the gift card I received to purchase it.
  2. andySu

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    Lawrence of Arabia, on the Amazon Forest for £6.30. Should I buy it , to fill the whole in my life?
    I just fear it might have the same music score error on the English track same as the DVD I have? Trouble is no one listens too films or Lawrence of Arabia. I know where all most of the directional dialogue pans are and sound effects panning.

    Is the scene where Lawrence, walks across the train carriages does it sound like the 70mm 35mm Dolby SR, or does it have music score jump to it and does it have the Foley footsteps as well that are faint in the mix against the score.

    £6.30 is the just few pounds more than box of cat food for my cat and he knows when I have spent money on bluray and he reacts with protest.

    Its really not a film I watch much now and I see it only been played or skipped though to check if the error is there or has been done with proper mix.
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    Tom Martin
    Late in the day, but I just purchased this set from Amazon for under $40 - brand new! Worth every penny (it reminds me of the T2 laser box - what a classic!), but I'm curious -- where do the film cells come from? Are they copies or frames that were cut from the final print?
  4. Reed Grele

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    It's a trifle.

    A trifle which they take from a great box they have.

    In Aqaba.

    But seriously, I believe that this was discussed somewhere in this thread.

    It's a long read. But perhaps someone who remembers exactly will chime in.

    BTW, which film frame scene did you get?

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