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Lawn Dogs - A rare experience (1 Viewer)

Ricky f

Supporting Actor
May 12, 2001
Late last night around 11:30 pm I was flicking through some TV channels and a movie was about to begin, This movie was Lawn Dogs.
A tale about Friendship between a 10 year old girl and a lonely gardener.
I enjoy many movies, most of the movies I see are not independent movies, But I am sure this one was.
It was a rare experience to see a movie this good, It came to 1 am in the morning and the movie was drawing to a close, The ending came and the credits rollled.
After Lawn Dogs was over a tear was in my eyes, My eyes had just witnessed something very rare and my eyes will witness this movie again and a tear will come to my eyes again.
I think I might be alone, Because I have asked a few people and they have not heard about this great movie.
Has anyone on this forum seen this wondeful rare movie? If you have I would be grateful to hear your response.
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Scott Dill

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 2, 1999
I liked it. It was a bit pretensions, but otherwise a pretty good low budget indie. I was interested in the characters.
I tell ya though, seeing that scar on the little girls chest is more gruesome to me than anything Tom Savini could come up with :)
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Bruce Hedtke

Senior HTF Member
Jul 11, 1999
I liked it, but as far as indies go, it wasn't all that wonderful. It's fairly inoffensive and doesn't stray too far from being a feel-good film, but it had good characterizations and downright earthy settings that really helped the story move. A good watch, but coulda used a little sharpening up.

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Vince Maskeeper

Senior HTF Member
Jan 18, 1999
I saw it. No offense, but I despised it.
And that is the beauty about these off-kilter "indie" films- they don't try to appeal to everyone. Rather than watering down the film and the way they want to present it, they allow for the fact that not everyone will enjoy the film.
This to me is the true power of indie cinema- while the major corporations are test screening films and trying to appeal to the largest base of consumers- indie cinema is busy making real films, even if they don't appeal to everyone!
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Senior HTF Member
Jul 24, 2000
I actually saw this one in the theater... I thought it was very good, if somewhat simplistic. I didn't care much for the fairytale ending either. But Rockwell was great.
Another one of his movies they show on TV every once in a while is "Box of moonlight" which I liked a LOT. I keep waiting for Rockwell to get his big break, and I thought it would come after "The Green Mile" but not so... he was great in "Galaxy Quest" too, by the way. :)

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