Law and Order (1932) ,,"Tombstone" story

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    Caught Law and Order on the Western channel last night. You've got to see this movie! I know the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral has been filmed numerous times, but this one is as engaging as any of the others. The camera work just amazed me, at times the damn thing is flying around like its a hand held.
    The cast is wonderful: Walter Houston and Harry Carey in the leads. Walter Brennan and a very young Andy Devine in smaller roles. Very gritty set design. The hotel room sequence is priceless; four men sharing one washbasin and towel and then sleeping two to a bed.
    Even though this is the Earp-Clanton story, those names are never used. I have no idea why, maybe they didn't buy the rights to the story. It's not on video, catch it when you can.

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    Laws might have been different in 1932. Earp was only three years dead and his family may have objected to the film.

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