Laurel & Hardy and Friends DVD - The Stolen Jools Question

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Patrick Picking, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. Patrick Picking

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    I have a question about the print of The Stolen Jools which is one of the shorts found on the Laurel & Hardy and Friends DVD.

    In the late 1970's I bought a copy of The Stolen Jools on Super 8 from Blackhawk Films. There was an edited scene with Barbara Stanwyck reading a poem that has always bothered me. Just before she reads the poem there is a cut, and then she says "Wait, there's more", and then reads the second half of the poem. I bought this DVD because I was hoping that the first half of the poem had finally been restored. But it got worse. At that same point in the film there is the cut again, but in this print it starts again just AFTER she says "Wait, there's more", so it appears there is only one part of the poem to be read, with no indication that there is a first part of the poem. The line "Wait, there's more" is now missing too.

    Do anyone have any idea on how to find out what the first part of that poem was? I've always been curious as to why it was cut out.

    Also on this print, all the end credits are missing, which listed all the people in the film.
  2. Evan Case

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    Wish I could help you out, but this is one of the three films with L&H that I haven't seen.

    Finding complete prints from the early 30s (especially short subjects) is not a perfect science, alas. I wonder if the poem comes during the reel break, and the print used for the transfer simply had parts lopped off accidentally untold years ago.

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    There is discussion of this issue (but not an answer, unfortunately) in this thread from alt.comedy.laurel-hardy:

    (watch for wrap). Apparently someone has/had a complete print in Boston but it doesn't sound like it's been made publicly available.

    For some appalling word (not reported elsewhere AFAIK) about Hallmark being about to DESTROY all of the Laurel & Hardy nitrates and negatives, see the same poster's comments at:

    Apparently this was headed off, but it's clear that Hallmark/Artisan is utterly clueless.

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