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Aug 18, 2001
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Whoops! How did I completely overlook this thread before? And apparently just missed the sale before buying a couple titles from Deep Discount.

Guess I should keep tabs on this apparently recurring sale...


David Norman

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Oct 12, 2001
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Typically 3 times a year --
Mid March around 3/23 which I think the anniversary of the formation of WAC. This year it started a little early due the weekend. 23rd was a Monday so the sale was supposed to run Frid 3/20 thround Monday 3/23, was nearly immediately shut down due to COVID issues at the plants/warehouses/distribution centers and they ended finishing it in April.

Mid Summer -- has been late June and early-mid July most years.

sometime near Black Friday

2018 was odd with them moving the Summer Sale to Labor Day weekend and moved the BF sale to early Jan 2019 -- I'm guess that didn't work well so the last 5 sales went back to the previous pattern.

Deep Discount does have 3-4 months/year where they drop most of their in stock 3+ month old WAC release to around 35-45% off so with a 15% code it can be really close (esp before DD starting adding Tax to most people). Those months can be esp good times to get those TV sets and multidisc sets that aren't eligible for the 4/44

The stock of WAC titles really has never recovered from the March sales at most places other than WbShop who I guess decided to keep most of the units instead of distributing them to other retailers like normal. There is some evidence that WAC (more specifically Allied Vaughn) is having significant problem getting stock repressings from Mexico so many popular items are taking months to come back instead of a couple weeks. The Allied Vaughn stock of Universal and Sony MOD are having the same if not worse issues. Things like House of Wax, Selena, Just One of the Guys, Radio Flyer, etc have gone OOS almost immediately (if not before Release) and taken 6-8 weeks to return. House of Wax is over a month out and people are still waiting for preorders -- not just from Amazon where those delays with WAC have been commonplace for 12-18 months or longer
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