'last Remaining Seats' Film Series In Los Angeles In June/july

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Joe_Pinney, May 10, 2004.

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    Got this in my email today from famed L.A. showman & impresario Maxwell DeMille -

    Classic films in classic movie palaces.....you guys in SoCal are SO LUCKY.
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    This film series has been running for a number of years. Its primary claim to fame is filmgoers being able to see these classics in the grand old movie palaces of yore, just as the filmgoers of the era did.

    It should be noted that just about all of these cinema palaces on Broadway and other downtown locales are not restored. My editor boss tried attending one of the screenings back in 2001 but had to leave early because there was too much dust coming from the drapes and carpets. These priceless old movie palaces need serious restoration (if only out of respect).

    The prints being screened aren't always the most pristine, as well.

    However, this is a series of serious interest to cinephiles. Area film enthusiasts should try to attend some of these screenings.

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