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Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by george kaplan, Oct 23, 2002.

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    I've always liked Laser's Edge because it was user-friendly. For reasons I won't go into, I like to order by phone, and they were one of the sites that let me do so. Also they had a flat shipping rate no matter how many dvds you ordered. Other sites have gone to per dvd and have lost my business.
    The one bad thing was that you couldn't get in-stock availability on their site. So I was really looking forward to their new site hoping this would be incorporated.
    After perusing the site, I have to admit I'm disappointed. I'm not sure if you can still phone order or not, so I'll leave that aside.
    But it appears that they've changed their shipping rates, not just from per order to per dvd, but to the dreaded per disc (yes, ST:TNG box, counts as seven items shipped. [​IMG]). Since I tend to purchase about 4 dvds per week (which some weeks consists of as many as 14 discs in those 4 dvds), and since their prices are already on the high side, this seems likely to decrease my purchases from there quite a bit. [​IMG]
    Also, instead of in-stock status, they have the 'usually ships in 1-3 days'. Unfortunately, this applies both to movies that I know they have in stock (having called them just yesterday), as well as a movie that they haven't had in stock for months (every time I call, I ask, and they're always out of stock on that title). Both are listed as 'usually ships in 1-3 days'. So the stock info on the new site doesn't look very promising either.
    As I said, I'm disappointed, but I wish them continued luck in the future. I just don't think I'll be part of it much anymore.
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    I've used them a bit in the past as well. Lately I've migrated to DeepDisountDVD and DVDPlanet and certain B&M's. None of the sites I'm using are as well run as the now defunct DVD Express. That site had 'state-of-the-art' IT and eBusiness capabilities:

    - online stocking numbers.
    - online cancellations of line items.
    - online status updates and email confirmations.
    - great customer service (actual intelligent and accommodating people) on the other line with little/no wait on the toll-free numbers.

    On top of that they consistently offered 40% discount levels and shipping upgrades for 6 items or more.

    What happened to the Standard set by them? Seems like progress in reverse. eBusiness is taking one giant step backward before resuming its once golden future.

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    Tony D.
    dvdexpress is still around it is now but i wouldnt go there. they are very unreliable.
    maybe since laser's just re opened the new web site it still has some features that will be worked in. on the other hand. i found it odd that HTF had that big PRESS RELEASE type of announcement on the board for this retailer. i know they are a sponsor but why was that announcement on the site like that?

    and under their add there is a phrase asking the mambers to support laser's as a sponsor "Support This Forum By Supporting Our Sponsors" well i would love to support this store but not for the prices they charge. many are the same price as b & m but add in the shipping fee and i just cant do it.

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