Laser: MysterDisc--Murder Anyone. Many Roads to Murder

Discussion in 'DVD' started by bob kaplan, Aug 5, 2005.

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    bob kaplan
    i was just wondering if anyone remembered these platters? The copyrights are from '82 and 83. i think the "playing" of the game was a bit awkward and there was some book keeping with the remote...but we enjoyed playing them...and as of yet..they still have not rotted!! is anything like them available on DVD?
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    I remember them well! I always think of them when I come across CLUE: THE MOVIE. I thought Paul Gleason (BREAKFAST CLUB, TRADING PLACES, DIE HARD) was great as Stuart Cavanaugh. Lea Thompson also starred in one of them.

    There were only so many possible solutions to the mysteries, so their repeat potential was limited. I remember thinking Gleason could have played that character in a TV series, like "Columbo". With the VERY small laserdisc base at the time, producing an ongoing series of these discs probably was not profitable.
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    I come across copies of them from time to time, either the individual releases or the compilation disc; the CLUE disc too. It seems like an interesting concept, but with the computer and console video games available today I'd guess there is no motivation to make something like it as an interactive DVD. I don't know if the consumer [call it "Level I" for old times' sake] specs even support such a thing.

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