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    Mar 23, 2002
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    Anyone out there have a Pioneer DVL 700? I have one that is good condition I think, but I can't get a very good picture when playing through my Tosh 65H80. I have tried s video as well as composite inputs. I have a blurriness in the upper half of my screen. I run it through a video input and have tried stretch modes and cant get it. Could the machine need a cleaning? I have way too many lasers to give up on her!! Thanks to all that can help.
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    Bill, your player is now up to, almost 6 years's a '97 model...they actually showed up to my dealer in the summer of '97. Anyway, your laser lens definitely needs to be cleaned every 3 to 5 years, that's a given. That could be all you need? This distortion in the top half of the screen sounds possibly ominous. Your player is definitely old enough to maybe need somehing more, particularly if it's seen big-time use.
    Forget using your player's S-video output. Your TV's comb filter will be better at upconverting the LD format's native composite format. Only use composite. Your player doesn't upconvert to S-video particularly well. LD's are not going to compete very well with DVD's on your TV. The DVL-700 isn't a hi-end player, of LD's to begin with. LD's are easier to get good results with on analog sets or FP. Digital sets are harder and there's no substitute for the better LD players that cut video noise really well and sometimes for outboard de-interlacers.

    I think you should get your player serviced. Best wishes, Rachael!
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    Mar 29, 2000
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    Hey Rachael!
    Have you ever tried to clean one yourself? Are Special tools needed?
    Or maybe just take it out back and hose it down ....YEE HA!

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