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Large flexy rack based entertainment center. (1 Viewer)

Justin Ward

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Jun 6, 2002
I spent about an hour tonigh thinking up a good design for an entertainment center. Tell me what you think of my plan.

Bottom Section:
4 shelfs of 3/4 MDF wide enough to hold two components per shelf(about 36" I figure).

Highest shelf used for holding a TV up to 27".

Top Section:
36 inch wide shelves. About 8 inches between the shelfs, so two sections will be formed. In the lower of the shelves, there will be a 22" section for my center channel speaker. The sides of the bottom shelf and whole top shelf would be used for media storage.

The area for the TV would be between the top and bottom sections.

Sorry if my plan is unclear. If you have any questions feel free to ask me to clarify.

Do you guys think this could work?

Allen Ross

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Sep 30, 2002
so what you are saying is that you will have a gap of about 36 inches with not shelves and then ontop of that have some more shelves? and on the top shelves you will only have the center chanle and some dvds?

i think with such a wide span that it would be a bit wobbly such a big expand with no real support.

also with that top shelf i what i am guessing is right how would you support the middle? 36 inch is a pretty big span for the front no to have anything verticaly supporting it (other wise you will have a bar running through your screen)

I have been comtemplating building a giant flexy rack 6 feet long, 2 feet deep. For the base 3-4 shelves spaces 8-10 inches and then two side towers with a TV in the center. The towers will have about 3-4 shelves about 8-10 inches apart and they will be 2 foot square. i just have to convince my dad that this is what he really wants, and that we should get a nice portercable router so i can round over the edges really quick like. Hey its in the best interest of the family.

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