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Laptops to view DVDs with Dolby Headphone (1 Viewer)


Jul 25, 2001
I am looking to purchase a new notebook computer, specifically to watch DVDs on with something like PowerDVD, and to use that software's Dolby Headphone feature. The goal is to give me a positive home theater experience, on a vivid LCD screen, and good 5.1-like sound that won't wake the family.
Does anyone know if one notebook or another is better for that purpose (assuming it's above 500 mhz). Do I have to buy a computer with specific audio specifications for Dolby Headphone to work? Will the IBM Thinkpad line work?
Thanks in advance.


Jul 25, 2001
Here's a follow up to my post: I just got off the phone with Cyberlink technical support, the makers of PowerDVD. They say Dolby Headphone should work on any laptop, provided it's loaded with the full version of its software. Any sound card should work.
So is there anyone out there who is using a software DVD player, and Dolby Headphone? I'm curious about how well it works. I saw a DVD on a laptop once, and was very impressed with the picture quality. I watched in a darkened room, and almost felt like I was in the theater!
But what do you think?

Eric Samonte

Mar 31, 1999
Someone in the AVS forum is actually using a Dell laptop as his "DVD player" connected to a projector. I think he runs PowerDVD on it too.
Dell sells some "kick ass" laptops with DVD drives, 32 MB of video RAM and a digital coax out to boot. And to top it all, it would only set u back less than 2 grand.
Anything above 500Mhz should be fine but the video RAM should be as high as u can possibly get. This is to insure u get a non-stuttering, smooth video playback. I only have a Viao with only 8 MB of video RAM and it does stutter at times.
Hope this helps.
Eric Samonte
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Scott DeToffol

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Oct 25, 2000
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Scott DeToffol
I just got PowerDVD version 4 and it indeed supports Dolby Headphone. Man, it works great. I'm using it on my PC with a HP DVD drive and SB Live. The new PowerDVD has some great features including support for Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS!
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Oct 14, 2001
I run PowerDVD on a desktop (PIII 500, 16MB VRam), a laptop (PIII 500 2MB VRam), another laptop (PIII 600 4MB VRam), all work good, no visible/audible differences. I suspose anything that's PIII 500 equivalent and better will work, and probably the best video and sound you can get, I think you can also check Cyberlink's website for their hw list.

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