Laptop modem driving me nuts..please help

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Alf S, Jul 29, 2003.

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    I've got a second hand IBM Thinkpad 760EL...Overall it does what we and work some Ebay stuff.

    Has Win 98, 64mb memory, Office 2000 and a few other programs, nothing fancy, mostly factory basic stuff..

    However several months ago I bought a new Compusa PC Card 56K modem and things were fine for the most part, but recently almost EVERY time I start up the laptop and click to dial up, I get the Error 630 or 633 saying the modem isn't installed! It shows up in the modem properties and everything else seems fine.

    I end up pulling out the modem, plugging it back in and at times that kicks it back into gear, but sometimes I have to restart the laptop to get it to "install new modem" then it works fine until the next shut down. Other times I uninstall the modem and reinstall..helps for a few dial up attempts, but that's it.

    Does anyone have an idea why it won't work normally?

    All help is appreciated.

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