Lack of DVD Releases for Saban Animated Shows

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by DisneySwan1990, Feb 17, 2014.

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    I am absolutley pissed there's absolutely NO DVD release for Monster Rancher, BattleTech, Space Strikers, Bureau of Alien Detectors, Nascar Racers, and Bob In A Bottle, let alone these shows were never even released on VHS back in the day.Where the hell is all the shows at? I guess they're probably locked in Disney's vaults, not seeing the light of DVD's day. C'mon Disney or Shout! Factory, it's aboyt time all these programs finally came to home media, it's been 2 decades since these shows last aired!
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    Discotek are releasing the Monster Rancher series on DVD, the edited English version is been released in sets, and the complete uncut Japanese version (with English subtitles) will be released on DVD later this year.

    Several Saban cartoon series were completely released (Diablolik, Maya the Honey Bee, Nascar Racers, Princesess Sissi) on DVD and partially released (Adventures of the Little Mermaid, Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist) on DVD, in the Czech Republic. They all offered English & Czech audio, but are unfortunately out of print now.

    All the Marvel cartoon series shown by Saban, have bee released on DVD in the UK too.

    But your right, too many Saban cartoon series have not been released on DVD. There are far too many cartoon series in general, that have not been released on DVD at all.
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    Other Saban-dubbed anime, like Digimon and Samurai Pizza Cats, have also been released by various distributors.

    Since Saban only licensed the anime shows from their owners, and apparently for a limited amount of time, odds are good that we'll see releases of the rest of them.

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