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    I am finally going to Hollywood in late October. The main reason for my trip is to go to Disneyland (been to the Disneyworld 4 times and wanted to see the original). Plus Halloween is my favourite 'holiday'. As luck would have it, one of my favourite movies Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas is being re-released in 3D at the same time.
    It is playing at the El Capitan and I got some tickets online for one of the nights I am in Hollywood before heading to Anaheim. This is exciting because I doubt any theater in my neck of the woods will show it.

    I got the VIP tickets on the main floor (Balcony was sold out) and I am wondering what to expect. What is VIP besides the assigned seats and no line waits?

    I also understand that Jimmy Kimmel films there, does anyone know his recording schedule? What else should I see in that area. I am staying in that block at the Hollywood Renaissance. We have signed up for a tour that takes a whole day, but have some spare time we want to fill.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    I believe with VIP you also get a bucket of popcorn and a drink, in addition to the prime location seats that you don't have to wait for. But...they are not really assigned. They are just sectioned off. You can sit anywhere within the VIP area...which means that if you really want to be in the middle of a row...you still need to get there a bit early. But all the VIP rows are good seats.

    There is a lot to do...that is for sure. Next to the El Capitan Theatre is Disney's soda fountain and ice cream shop. You have to stop in there for some sundays or ice cream floats.....yummmmmm! Currently in the Soda shop, you can also buy original double-sided Pirates of the Carribean movie posters for only $10. The Grauman's Chinese theatre is a must, even just the foot and hand prints outside its front doors. The best theatre experience though (in my opinion) is east from there, down the road on Sunset Blvd at the Arclight. (www.arclightcinemas.com) That is where the Cinerama Dome is located (which I don't really like seeing regular movies in by the way. The screen is too curved for me). But, all of the theatres there are top notch, seats are assigned by row and seat number, no commercials and theatre staff that stays in the theatre the entire time to make sure presentation quality is up to standard.

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