KV34XBR800 problem (s)

Eric Fritts

Mar 7, 2003
Hello everyone, this is my first post. Sorry that it's of the negative sort but I'm going crazy here!

I just received my KV34XBR800, and I'm having multiple problems with it. On the left hand side the upper and lower corners are green/blue respectively. When the TV is setup to Normal 4:3 my digital cable picture (Cablevision NJ) looks like this:

DVDs do the same small box thing in Normal mode (Fifth Element Widescreen for instance). Full mode is actually full screen but cable looks horrid and DVDs splendid. Zoom and Wide Zoom appear to do what they're supposed to do, but there is a thin black bar at the top of the screen. My right side Twin View window is green-ish; noticable when viewing cable in both windows. Finally I have a "cloudy" or "shaded" area just left of center on the screen. It's mostly visible during a bright shot like blue sky. I have a local tech coming Saturday, and a Sony tech coming on April 17th.

You might ask "Why don't you return it?". Well being that I work for Sony and I purchased the TV at the employee discount price, I can't return it ever for any reason on earth. That's their policy.

I'm not a home theater newb, and I have scoured the web looking for answers. I've tried various connections, cables, reset functions, and tech support lines. Out of all the problems I listed, the small picture thing is the one that bothers me most. Have any of you ever seen this before? I need the opinions of some real experts, and I know this is the place to look.



My Equipment:

Sony KV-34XBR800
Sony DVP-NS999ES
Marantz SR-18
B&W 603 S2
B&W 601 S2
B&W ASW 1000

jeff lam

Jun 4, 2001
San Jose, CA
Real Name
Jeff Lam
The color in corner issue:

Make sure there are no speakers of any kind around the TV at all for now. Try degaussing it a couple times by turning it on for 15min then turn it off for 15 and so on. Use it as normal turning it off when not is use for several hours. If the colored corners don't go away within a few days have the service tech look at it.

Full mode should be used for anamorphic DVD's.

When you say digital cable do you mean HD or just regular digital cable?


Nov 23, 1999
I hope I'm wrong about this, but the blue/green in the corners may only get worse. I had the exact same problem with my 36" XBR400. I had techs come out to do some minor tweaks to it. They usually reduced it a bit, and then the blue/green would be back within 48 hours or so.

I even had them replace the CRT since it was under warranty! That didn't even work, and took a good 3 weeks to take care of.

All and all, it never got better and it drove me crazy. I sold the TV to someone who didn't care about that problem as much as I did.

I really hope it works out for you, but if it's under warranty, I'd suggest having an authorized tech come out and size up the actual problem. Good luck.

Kevin Miller

Feb 17, 2001
Hi Eric,

Jeff may very well be right. If you have unshielded speakers close to the tube it will throw off the corner convergence pretty seriously. It could also be convergence errors in the corners.

As to the aspect ratio issue. The picture you posted looks like an anamorphic DVD image in the 4:3 ratio on the TV. For anamorphic DVDs use Full on your Sony. Also make sure your DVD player is set for 16:9 display. USe the Wide Zoom to blow up 4:3Cable material to fil the screen or use Normal (4:3) and you should have black bars on eihter side of the image.

The Greenish cast could very well be a color temperature issue which can be fixed with calibration. I hope this sheds some light on your problem. Good luck with it.

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