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Kustom KHS4640 6 Zone 4 Source Amplifier (very nice!) (1 Viewer)

Dan Seliger

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Jun 17, 2001
These units sell for close to $2000 !

My Price for this one: $450 + shipping.

Brand NEW!!! In the Box (opened but never used) Manual included plus 4 infrared emitters. This is a 240 Volt system. You will need a converter to use in the states.

Features: 6 discrete stereo amplifiers in one unit Choose any one of 4 sources independently in each zone Discrete 20 Watt RMS per side (8 Ohms) 40 Watts per zone Dedicated wall keypads (not included) give you control in each zone Kustom Home Sound Products allow the home entertainment enthusiast the ability to listen to a choice of music or other sound sources independently to each room of your home. The Kustom Amplifier takes input from 4 sources CD Player, VCR, Satellite dish, DVD, and more-and distributes it to 6 rooms with powerful 240 Watts total output. Wall-mounted controllers give you keypad control over volume and selection in each room, so you can turn your home into a multi-zone listening paradise. Power Amplifier Section: Continuous Average Output Power 20 Watts Rated Distortion 0.2% Rated Impedance 6 ohms- Damping Factor 50+ Line Output Level (at full power) 1V RMS Frequency Response 20-20khz (+/-1dB) Preamplifier Section: Input Impedance 10k Input Sensitivity for rated power 33mV RMS Input Overload 3V RMS

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