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Kung Fu Chaos - Too frikken cool, must buy (1 Viewer)

Kris Coffin

Stunt Coordinator
Jun 19, 2002
Just picked up OXM a couple days back, and tried Kung Fu Chaos with a couple buddies tonight. And I must say this is just a blast to play. Beautiful environments, super fun gameplay. And even a hell of a lot of single player challenges.

Going out tomorrow morning and picking it up.

Any other impressions, or is anyone else playing this?


Scott Bourden

Second Unit
Aug 29, 2001
I thought it looked fun at first, but after a few hours, I noticed that the graphics were not nearly as hot as the screenshots had led me to believe, it became dull pretty quick (too repetitive, even in 4 player multi) and the single player is... uggh.

Just my take on it though, I only spent about 4 hours with it.

Daren Welsh

Supporting Actor
Jan 16, 2002
I was the only one to pre-order it at my local GS :p I'm still playing it off and on (like most of my games) and I'm up to about 72% unlockedness. I got to 40% fairly quickly, but then it took some time to get my kung fu mojo going to unlock some more stuff.

I can see how it can get repetitive and boring for some people. Even I don't play it more than a couple hours without switching out to something else, but I'm still playing it a few times a week. I'm concentrating on getting the 100% super unlockedness so when I have people over for 4-player, we'll have all the options.

In short, if you plan on playing mostly single-player, just rent it for 5 days. If you have buddies who like melee/mini games (I think it's a great drinking game), then go ahead and buy it. btw ... I did a mini-review in this forum a while back.


Senior HTF Member
Feb 27, 2001
I have it and we love it at my house. People are always coming over and playing it, 4 player teams is great.

James Zos

Supporting Actor
Jan 7, 2002
Just checked out the demo for this and I'm really impressed. I usually don't like cartoonish games, but they REALLY captured the chop-socky feel of all those great 70s kung fu flicks with the whole layout of the game, and the sound, for such a silly setup, is excellent. I was suprised to find nice ambiant surround channels along with the Enter the Dragon theme and sound effects. Seems like there are quite a lot of combos to learn to. Could it get boring rather quickly? Maybe, which is why I'll probably rent it first for a week before I consider buying it. Right now this is the most impressive demo I've seen for the Xbox in a while, and I haven't even had a chance to try multiplayer yet.

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