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Jeff Adkins

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Sep 18, 1998
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Jeff Adkins
I've always been fascinated with Stanley Kubrick. Perhaps part of this was because prior to his death, many of us knew very little about him. I've read a few biographies but I'm still a little unclear as to when he actually became a permanent resident of England.

From what I understand, he was still living in NYC for both Fear And Desire and Killer's Kiss even though he did shoot Fear And Desire in California. He moved to Los Angeles prior to The Killing and also resided there for Spartacus and his work on One-Eyed Jacks. Presumably, he still maintained a residence in L.A. while he was over in Europe shooting Paths Of Glory. Everything after Spartacus was shot in Europe (mostly London).

Here's my questions:

1) When did he finally leave Los Angeles for good?
2) Did he ever live in NY again after living in LA?
3) Did he ever come back to the U.S. to visit once he moved permanently to England?

I've heard people say that he went to London to make Lolita and never came home, but someone else told me that he moved back to NYC briefly after Dr. Strangelove

Josh Steinberg

Jun 10, 2003
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Josh Steinberg
To the best of my knowledge, from memory:

1. He left Los Angeles following Spartacus. For tax reasons, it was more feasible to film Lolita in England, and he enjoyed the experience enough to want to stay.

2. I don't think he ever lived in NY again. I'm fairly certain his parents remained in that area, so I'm sure he must've visited at some point or another, but I don't think he actually had any long term residency in NY after LA.

3. There are stories of Kubrick fine tuning 2001 on the steamship across from England to America, which would lead me to believe that he had returned to the States for at least that film. As for later years, that's a good question, and one I don't have the answer to. He was famous for calling people at what were ridiculous hours in the States if he had a question about something, and also famous for having people come out to visit him rather than the other way around. I couldn't say for sure, but it certainly seems that later in his life he might have stopped visiting the U.S. altogether.

There use to be a great newsgroup on Kubrick that his daughter occasionally posted on after his death; if you can find those archives on the internet (I have no idea where but I'm sure they must be somewhere), that might be a useful tool in getting more concrete answers.

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