Krell Showcase vs Anthem AVM-20 with MF A324 Upsampler

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    I have seen some posts about Kell Showcase vs Anthem AVM-20. I have a slightly more complicated situation and need some objective advice.

    I need to make a decision about whether to buy the Krell Showcase or the Anthem in the next two weeks. Here is my assessment so far:

    I can get either the Krell Showcase or the Anthem for Cdn. $3,700 (US $2,450), except that I have to trade in my Musical Fidelity A324 upsampler to get the Krell at that price.

    Krell - Pros
    Better stereo and HT performance (?), Krell reputation, build quality, love the silver design, digital equalizer. software upgradable

    Krell - Cons
    Not hardware upgradable, US $1,100 more so I have to give up my MF A324 upsampler, not THX Ultra 2, no tuner, have to ship to U.S. for service

    Anthem - Pros
    Many features (although many I would not use), better remote, good sound for the money, future proof fully hardware and software upgradable at reasonable cost (I like this because I want to get off that Upgradeitis train, factory 20 minutes from my house

    Anthem - Cons
    Perceived sound quality a step behind the Krell (although I have not AB the two), Paradigm giving up the Sonic Frontier high end market and going after the Hi Mid market, I heard that most of the designers of the high end gear have left the company

    I would appreciate hearing from those who have listened to both pieces extensively. Is the Krell really that much better than the Anthem and worth the extra $1,100. Can Krell better than what I can get out of the Anthem with the MF upsampler. I would put pure stereo listening ahead of HT use.

    My other gear:
    Jamo Oriel speakers
    Monitor Audio Gold GRFX rear
    Aragon 8008x3 and 8002
    Pioneer Elite DV-09 DVD player
    Aragon 47k phono preamp
    VPI Turntable, Benz Glider MC

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