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Krell Showcase 7.1 Pre/Pro (1 Viewer)


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Jul 28, 2005
Mint condition in silver with box, manual and remote. A truly great sounding piece. $2000.

The Showcase is Krell's fifth generation surround sound preamp/processor, delivering the benefits of almost a decade of experience in the development of reference-quality High End Audio Theater systems. With the latest in surround sound technologies, a proprietary digital room equalizer, and an exceptional preamplifier section, the Showcase processor extends the KAV Series' tradition of Krell engineering and affordability.

A full complement of advanced performance features, including Krell Current Mode, discrete Class A, direct-coupled circuitry with balanced outputs, user-configurable input assignment and system macros, and broadcast-quality video circuitry are integral to the Showcase circuit topology. The Showcase is THX Ultra certified and includes complete processing for THX Surround EX, DTS ES 6.1, DTS NEO:6, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro Logic II, nine proprietary Krell Music Surround modes, and Krell custom-designed 7-channel digital room equalizer. Krell engineering has designed a digital room equalizer that affords the user the opportunity to compensate for acoustic anomalies present in a listening environment, on a source, or to set preferences on the basis of personal taste. No other preamp/processor offers this level of precision and control.
The Showcase processor features a multichannel analog input for SACD and DVD-A software. This 7.1 channel input bypasses all digital circuitry and routes the signals directly to the analog output circuitry. New video circuitry provides pristine pass-through of all progressive and HD component signals while still providing OSD for interlaced component video signals. The Showcase utilizes Burr Brown 24-bit, 192KHz DACs for all channels. For ease of use, the Showcase incorporates Smart System setup which enables the user to efficiently configure the processor in a fashion most suitable for his or her individual needs.

A Preamp Mode with an analog input passthrough is included. In this mode, any analog input can be sent directly to the output stage via the volume control, enabling the Krell Showcase to operate as an analog-only preamplifier when desired.


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