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Discussion in 'Music' started by MickeS, Mar 24, 2005.

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    What an awesome album "Enemy of God" is! The guitar work is amazingly heavy, like the Kreator of old but with some added influence from the popular "melodic death" style. The production is excellent, with Mille keeping some of the more melodic style of singing he developed after "Coma of souls" (starting with "Renewal", an album I didn't like much, and I didn't really like anything Kreator did up until the excellent "Violent revolution" which came out in 2001).

    Any thrash/death fan here who hasn't checked out "Enemy of God" yet, is hereby ordered to do so. [​IMG]

    They are starting the "Enemy of God" tour next week, and I had some questions about that. I noticed that the tour dates on their homepage do not match with the tour dates listed at Ticket Master (far fewer at TM). Does anyone know if this is because they are not sold through TM, or have they changed the tour (maybe cancelled those dates)? Specifically, I am not seeing the Tucson April 26th date at TM.... I noticed a few dates at TM are listed as cancelled (Nashville and one of the Chicago dates), so I hope this isn't the case for Tucson. :/

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    Wow, they're still around. Brings back memories. I may have to check out what they're up to. My wife won't be happy [​IMG]

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